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  1. countable a line on a surface where something is beginning to breakapart
    hairline crack (=an extremely thin crack):

    Hairlinecracksappear in the paint when it dries too quickly.

  2. countable a narrowopening between two things or parts of things
  3. countable a sign that an organization, relationship, or plan is weak or beginning to fail
    cracks start to appear (in something):

    After only a yearcracksstarted to appear in their marriage.

  4. countable a shortsuddenloudnoiselike a smallexplosion
  5. countable informala hard hit on a part of your body
  6. countable informalan attempt to do something
    have/take a crack at (doing) something:

    We thought we’d have a crack at running our own business.

  7. countable informala rude or insultingjoke about someone or something

    Some of the students were makingcracks about her appearance.

  8. or

    crack cocaine

    uncountable a pure form of the illegaldrugcocaine
  9. another spelling ofcraic
  10. the latestsociallocalnewsSubmitted by:
    Worship computer from Ireland on 16/02/2016
  11. the crack of doom

    the sound that heralds the Last Judgment, when God will decree the fates of all menaccording to the good and evil of their earthlylives
    I fell off the ladder, making a noise like the crack of doom.
    Submitted by:
    Mazzus from Croatia on 29/01/2019

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A slot canyon is a narrow canyon that is formed from water rushing through rock. What starts off as a tiny crack steadily grows larger from repeat flash floods and erosion over millions of years. The end result is a narrow canyon with very high walls. Slot canyons can be several meters wide or just one foot wide. If I were to do it over again, I'd enter through Crack in the Wall, hike to the Jacob Hamblin Arch and hike back rather than exit via Hurricane. Hurricane sure would've been fine to skip. It really is an amazing place. Was definitely an adventure. I'd go back and do an out-and-back to the river via Crack in the Wall for sure. Have a great summer.

My brother and I are planning a week in Escalante-Grand Staircase in early May. Coyote Gulch has me a little concerned. We're wanting to do it as a day hike without ascending or descending the arch--but also want to see the section from Jacob Hamblin Arch to the Escalante. We're thinking about entering at Crack in the Wall and exiting Hurricane Wash. We'd leave a car at the Hurricane Wash trailhead and hire a shuttle to take us to Fortymile Ridge trailhead.
ShortJust for background: We live in Colorado, hiking 14ers and other trails here with 3K+ elevation gain in a day. We've hiked all the national parks in Utah (including Subway, Observation Point, far up the Narrows in as high/fast water as they allow, Peekaboo in the Needles, Murphy Trail loop in Island in the Sky). Also in Glacier NP: Highline with the steep offshoot to the Grinnell overlook, the Grinnell Glacier trail, combined Iceberg Lake and Ptarmigan Tunnel for about 16 miles with some decent elevation gain. Our trips are usually hiking day after day for 6 or 7 days.
Any advice on that? Think that's doable in day given our experience? There's been mostly negative reactions to this idea from people I've asked but would like to know from anyone who's actually done this route, even in reverse. We're just not wanting to backpack it; no experience backpacking. Thanks so much. Really would appreciate your insight.

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