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Aftertheparty is an upcoming Soundcloud artist from New York, who blends music from R&B and Indie. On October 2016, he released his debut album?! A couple of months after. Funky Rhythm Afterparty Plays funky upbeat jams that will be perfect for your after party. Led Zeppelin, Prince, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gogol Bordello, Guns N' Roses, Iggy Po.

Back To MAC Program – All Details by MAC Makeup Artist: Hey guys!! This post is especially for MAC makeup lovers like me. When we hear the word “MAC” the first thing that comes in our mind is “expensive products”. But trust me though they are expensive, they are worth money. MAC not only serves to its customers but also it also serves the environment and society.

Hence, To serve society and environment,

MAC has five social initiative programs

1) MAC Cruelty Free Beauty
2) MAC Kids Helping Kids
3) MAC Viva Glam
4) Back To MAC recycling
5) The MAC AIDS fund

Afterparty OST For Mac


Back To MAC Program – All Details by MAC Makeup Artist

Today I will be writing about one of its initiative i.e. BACK TO MAC PROGRAMME.

Precisely Back to MAC is a recycling program in which you return 6 MAC containers at any MAC counter and you get a free lipstick of your choice. Isn’t it amazing? It serves the purpose of recycling as well as gets you a new lipstick!

From past 3-4 years MAC is constantly increasing the price of their products.

Initially, I remember getting my first MAC lipstick in 2011 for Rs. 990/- then in 2013 the price increased to Rs.1190/- and then again in 2014 or 15 the price increased to Rs.1450/-. Back to MAC program is indeed a relief from the constantly increasing price.

Back To MAC

If you have six containers of products which are over, broken or expired then this program is definitely for you. All you have to do is keep saving the primary packaging of the product till the time you have six containers or multiples of six.

In Fact, the container can be a foundation bottle, foundation tube, eye shadow pot, skincare containers, blush compact, lipstick containers, pigment jars, retractable liners, lip gloss tube, mascara tube, concealer pot , concealer tube and even makeup palettes.

6 MAC Containers

However, There are few things which are not accepted in back 2 MAC program which are as follows

1. Sharpening pencils

2. False Lashes

3. Lash curler


4. Makeup brushes

5. Eye shadow refills

6. Samples

7. MAC accessories such as tweezers, sharpeners, sponges, applicators etc.


8. Anything that cannot be recycled

MAC Accessories that cannot be exchanged against Back To MAC

In exchange of the six containers you get a free lipstick of your choice. You can buy any lipstick with grey and black packaging but you cannot buy lipstick from special collections.

MAC Lipstick which can be bought against 6 empty MAC containers

Also MAC has a range of viva glam lipsticks i.e. the lipsticks with red and black packaging which cannot be bought against the six containers.

You would be wondering why so. The reason behind it is, when someone buys a viva glam lipstick, 100% amount goes to MAC aids fund – which is another social initiative by MAC.

Lipsticks that cannot be bought against the six containers are as follows:

  1. Viva glam
  2. Mineralize
  3. Lipstick from any special collection
Afterparty ost for mac catalinaOst

Afterparty Ost For Mac Download

MAC Special Collection Lipsticks which cannot be bought against Back To MAC Program


Afterparty Ost For Mac High Sierra

1. You need to be really sure before buying a lipstick in the back to MAC program because once your lipstick is billed, it cannot be exchanged.

2. If you are returning 3-4 products from the same collection, they will be considered as one product.

3. Moreover, It is not necessary that the containers should be empty. You can exchange the product even if it is full, expired or you don’t like the product anymore.

4. At a counter only 3 back to MAC can be done i.e. you can get only 18 products exchanged for 3 lipsticks in a day at one MAC counter.

Afterparty Ost For Mac Os

MAC Special Edition Collection Lipsticks cannot be bought via Back to MAC

Overall, I hope this post helps you guys in buying free MAC lipsticks.

Finally, I know those of you who were unaware about this program and have thrown away your MAC containers would be regretting. But guys it’s never too late. Now that you know about back to MAC program, start saving your used products and get them exchanged for your favourite MAC lipsticks.

Afterparty Ost For Mac Osx

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Afterparty Ost For Mac Catalina

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