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The Revolutionary Front of Trudograd and a revolutionary faction of NeoMarxists inside Trudograd, led by Blaze, which the Cadet can find at the Mikalych Tavern, this faction aims to unleash a communist revolution in Trudograd, accusing the government of Trudograd of being 'bourgeois' and 'reactionary' at the same time, the revolutionary faction, aimed at restoring Orthodox communism and Soviet. ATOM RPG: Trudograd turn-based post-apocalyptic RPG game gets support for Linux and Mac beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer AtomTeam along with some new changes. Available on both Steam and GOG. ATOM RPG: Trudograd is a stand alone story expansion to ATOM RPG. The turn based roleplaying game releases last month. ATOM RPG Trudograd Year of release: May 11, 2020 Genre: Role – playing- turn-based – Fantasy Developer: AtomTeam Publisher: AtomTeam Platform: Mac Version: 0.5.8 new version: learn here publication Type: License Release: GOG interface Language: Russian, English, Chinese (SIMP.) Language: none medicine: Not required System requirements.

Download ATOM RPG: Trudograd it is necessary to take part in a fascinating journey through the post-apocalyptic USSR, again to save humanity, performing a difficult secret mission.

  1. Taking a first look at a pretty decent CRPG that just came out on steam. Lets take a look and see if its worth its asking price! Follow me on Twitter for Cha.
  2. Developers AtomTeam have just updated ATOM RPG Trudograd with full Linux/Mac support, so even more gamers can experience their post-apocalyptic title. The latest update also introduces a new merchant, and fixes and improves on a ton of other stuff (which I’ll share below).

ATOM RPG: Trudograd - download the sequel to the famous game

Trudograd is the continuation of the ATOM RPG game, beloved by millions of gamers. The action takes place in the USSR, which survived the apocalypse. It has been 22 years since the USSR and the countries of the Western Bloc literally wiped each other off the face of the Earth by exchanging nuclear strikes. This tragedy threw each of the countries participating in the conflict back for many years. The era of the Middle Ages has come: social foundations have been destroyed, the achievements of scientific and technological progress are inaccessible, millions of people have been destroyed ...

The main character is one of the few survivors of the tragic events. Working for the secret organization ATOM, whose main task is to protect humanity after the disaster, the character visited a top-secret mission in the Central Wasteland. The completed mission provided information about the threat from the outside, capable of destroying the remnants of humanity.

Download ATOM RPG: Trudograd - to fulfill the most important task in the person of the key character: to find and destroy a device in the megalopolis that poses a threat to the surviving people.

Download ATOM RPG: Trudograd - game features

What is Trudograd, and why were millions of gamers looking forward to the release of this game? The developers offered everyone who decides to download ATOM RPG: Trudograd:

  • role-playing adventure in the genre of exploration, living life in a post-apocalyptic world;
  • fulfilling a responsible mission to save mankind, taking place in a huge city with a developed infrastructure, where you will have to fight, trade, analyze, study;
  • many ways for character development, acquisition of unique skills and abilities;
  • interaction with many characters (individual personality, own portrait, special dialogue);
  • tasks that have several solutions, but from each of them the fate of the city will change in an unpredictable way;
  • the result of two years of work with the community of players to create the perfect game product that takes into account the tips and new ideas of gamers.

Trudograd is a logical continuation of ATOM RPG, so it is advisable to go through the original before playing the game. If there is no such desire, the main thing is to be patient - no matter how difficult and incomprehensible it was at the very beginning of the adventure, you need to steadfastly go forward and the understanding of the essence of the events taking place will come pretty quickly.

ATOM RPG Trudograd For Mac

Game info

Year: 2020
Genre: RPG, Early Access
Developer: Atomteam
Version: v0.6.73 (Last)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Present

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core Duo 2
Memory: 4Gb
Video card: GTX 660
Hard Drive Memory: 16Gb

ATOM RPG: Trudograd New Early Access Patch Available

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The standalone Trudograd expansion for the post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG launched into early access back in May. Now, this new patch adds Mac and Linux support, in the process improving some systems and fixing a few miscellaneous issues. With this patch live, the team can refocus their efforts on putting together the first big content update for the expansion.

You’ll find the complete list of changes below, but first, here’s Trudograd's stylish intro cinematic:

And here are the patch notes:

Greetings, friends!
We’re very happy to share some good news with you! After today’s update ATOM RPG: Trudograd will finally be available on Mac and Linux!

Atom Rpg Trudograd For Mac Os

Also this patch contains a lot of fixes and improvements to the game. We added some changes to the combat system, changed the character import and creation screens, improved AI behavior, and more.

Atom Rpg Gubtsov

Due to popular demand, we also added a new mechant to the game. He can be found on the global map.
For The full list of changes can be found below.
Now, we will continue making the first big content update for the game!
We really hope that you will stay tuned.
And as always… Let there be ATOM!
  • Added Mac and Linux support;
  • Camera no longer gets into roof textures;
  • Import and creation screen UI improved;
  • AI behavior impoved;
  • Crash and freezing on game load fixed;
  • Weapon mods fixed;
  • New merchant random encounter;
  • Samuil Brothers quest can now be finished to the end;
  • New item icons;
  • Pathing issues fixed;
  • Behavior during panic fixed;
  • Added new animations;
  • Hand to hand moves no longer appear as inventory items;
  • Fixed some dialogue logic;
  • Fixed quest related bugs;
  • Characters now react to the hallucination state.
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