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  1. Beyond a Steel Sky will is a mobile exclusive on Apple Arcade – while still being available on Steam. Which allows Revolution to cover all the key segments of fans it’s collated over the years.
  2. The game can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of Beneath a Steel Sky but obviously, it has a lot of gentle nods to its predecessor. And unlike the original game that felt too short for me at the time, Beyond a Steel Sky has a good length to it with a well over dozen hours to see it through.

Beneath A Steel Sky Soundtrack The Beneath A Steel Sky soundtrack can be downloaded here. Before using this support area be sure to check you are running on or above the recommended system requirements located at the bottom of this page. The game can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of Beneath a Steel Sky but obviously, it has a lot of gentle nods to its predecessor. And unlike the original game that felt too short for me at the time, Beyond a Steel Sky has a good length to it with a well over dozen hours to see it through.

November 2019 Dev Diary - Back to Development!

Posted 09 / 12 / 19

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Developer diary for Beyond a Steel Sky !

Last month we had a look at some of our development team. This month we thought we’d get back to sharing a bit more behind what’s going into Beyond a Steel Sky.

First off, Beyond a Steel Sky will now be coming to you all in 2020, instead of 2019 as we had initially intended. Owing to a need to extend the development period, we've had to delay the release -but only by a few months. For more information you can read our article here about it.

So, what’s been happening this month?

Well, in short, a lot!

Voice recording for our characters is now underway. Those of you who played the demo at EGX last month will have heard a lot of voices have already been added, but now we’re recording the entire ensemble and getting them added into the project. For now we’re doing this section by section as we progress through the game. What this means is Union City is about to start buzzing with voices - both human and droid alike!

Looks like 2CU is happy to hear she's going to have a voice!

What this also means is that Dialogue is nearing completion and being reviewed. In Beneath a Steel Sky,the humour and dialogue stood out and really exemplified the dystopian and cyberpunk style of the game. We’re ensuring all the puns you're used to make their way into the game, and you'll be able to enjoy the same level and style of humour.

The music for Beyond a Steel Sky is also in production. A gorgeous orchestral score (if we say so ourselves!) that really brings out the atmosphere of the game, and enhancing the mystery of the narrative. We’ve always used Orchestral soundtracks for Broken Sword, and from that we know how to truly enhance a scene and add depth to a scene. We hope you’ll agree when you get to hear it!

And as always, animations are being tidied, motion-captured (or “mocapped”), and added to the game. We’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s a joy to see the game progress every day.
A great example is some of the progress this month is one of the animations you can spot in the Gameplay Trailer - getting refined, smoothed out, and less jerky:

Before and after. Spot the difference?

All of this hopefully indicates we’re all super busy bees in the Studio right now!

Rapid Iteration - Gameplay before Art.

Something we’ve somewhat ceased doing now (because we’re not really designing anything any more, but implementing) is “Rapid Iteration” - the idea of designing and implementing things quickly to gauge the success of an idea in the early stages of development.

One of the hardest things to gauge when designing a game, any game, is whether or not it’s fun. Many a project has completed its development, only to be unleashed upon the testers to a resounding “meh.”

Whilst a talented design team and years of experience can help mitigate the risk of a puzzle that falls flat or a cutscene that’s just too confusing, nothing beats seeing it for yourselves. These days, with the right tools, this is actually a lot easier than it ever was before.

For Beyond a Steel Sky, we’re using Unreal 4 as our game engine, and the game itself is made up of various modular components, carefully built to be versatile and robust in their function, that we can fit together like building blocks.

This means if we want to see how a scene plays out, a designer can grab the individual parts, snap them all together, and with a minimum of code and a sprinkle of dialogue, have a fully functional (albeit often a little rough around the edges,) puzzle to test out, and evaluate.

So, as an example from the earliest days of development, for this idea there's a citizen on a ledge who needs saving. We grab a person, an object and a trigger to tell us where he is, give him a simple behaviour tree and bam!: We have an element for a puzzle ready to go.

How’s this for a dramatic moment? A Citizen on a ledge going to fall!

Well, it’s great as long as you look past the fact that there's an open window there where they could easily be rescued through. We need some more creative solutions, so let’s redesign the scene a bit:

Ever wondered what a droid looks like on their tip-toes?

With a little tweak, the citizen is now in actual peril and how to rescue them can now be designed.

We call this technique “Rapid Iteration,” and rapid it truly is - we can bounce an idea around the team and get feedback immediately, ensuring that before a section moves to the concept art stage, the gameplay is confirmed as being on target.

For every puzzle you see in a finished game, you can bet that there are an equal number we tested out and found wanting - after all, if it’s not fun, it won’t make the cut, but some useful bits may be added to other designs. This puzzle idea was valuable to gauge the scene, but you won’t find it in Beyond a Steel Sky any more.

Beyond A Steel Sky

Once we’ve done the Rapid Iteration phase, we then move on to a full blockout for the section replacing the basic objects with custom code and artist produced placeholders and then (eventually) the final thing!

With this short, but hopefully juicy, bit of development insight we’re now working towards (and somewhat through) the Christmas holiday. In the New Year we’re hoping to start giving you some more accurate release information, and of course some more insights into how we’re making Beyond a Steel Sky - but gear up as they’ll be a bit more technical going forward. We’ll do our best to keep them easy to read, but increasingly informative for all of you hoping to see into the engine room of the development train.

So be sure to keep an eye on our social channels, on our Steam Page, and on our website. And, as always:


Finding Leet

Make sure to examine the plush toys in Songbird’s bedroom, and then ask Songbird about them

Once you’ve spoken with Songbird, you can activate the Mama Bear on the back shelf

The Mama Bear screen in broken, you can use the Hacker to swap the display of the bear with the Holoplinth in the main room – this will give you a location code of where to find Leet


Once that is done, talk to Chipworth, the robot butler, and have him open the windows

Go into the bathroom and put down the toilet seat, then climb it to find a box taped to the outside of the window

Give the Gang-Gang guarding the window ledge a Mini-K to get rid of him, and then collect the box to find some haunting pictures

Now you’re ready to head outside

Saving Raquel

The girl you met in the lobby is on the building and scared to get down

Talk to the girl, the Welfare Minister, and the arty robot from before – exhaust their dialogue options

Use your hacker on the robot cleaning up the seal in the lobby, make him clean the building exterior

Next, open up the small box on the right side of the apartment building and get your scanner out when the water dispenser appears

Set it to refill 0% of the water, swapping the flow node from the sprinklers

Once this is done, talk to Raquel and exhaust her dialogue again, this time you’ll recommend she jump on the robot to get down, and she eventually does

Make sure to have a good conversation with her and the others once they’re on the ground again

Once everything is over, the monopod will be running again, and you can head to the Piazza

Finding E1594

Beyond a steel sky review

You can explore the Piazza, but if you want to progress head over to the Museum of New History

Once inside talk to the bratty teenager being dragged around by her excitable father, you can find out about the Old History section of the museum

Make a deal with the girl – she’ll let you in to the Old History area if you make her father leave

Head over to the Asio City Exhibit, and wait for both the exhibit and the CRY-R robot to get close, once they do, use your Hacker to swap the “Enticingly” node with “Calmly”

Once that is done, put the Enticingly node in Joey’s synethetic arm in the centre of the room

Now you will want to repeat the process, but this time moving the “Aggressively” node from the B0G-BR5H robot which is cleaning the bathroom to Joey’s arm, via the CRY-R robot – you might find this easier to do if you move the node to the Children’s Exhibit first

This will have the father slapped by the synthetic arm, and you can get the brooch from the girl to enter the old history room

The Old History Room

Once inside the Old History Room feel free to look around and explore a bit


You can swap the Joey Speaks robot nodes with the N0IT-AL robot node, and then activate Joey Speaks to speak with, well, Joey himself – you can make the hacker range stretch, but if you scan your hand the N0IT-AL robot should come to you

Once that’s done, speak to the guard at the entrance, exhaust his dialogue

Next, examine the fridge exhibit next to him, and the robot will come over, and the guard will be distracted, once he’s distracted crack the fridge open with a crowbar

That’ll cause enough chaos to kick everyone out of the exhibit aside from yourself, and now you can follow Joey’s suggestion and break the glass holding his chip, and steal it

Crowbar gets a lot of use today – use it to open the panel on the holographic map table, and out the Joey Board into the vacuum robot in the back room


Finally, have Joey interface with the panel on the holographic table, and he’ll help you find the location of Leet

Escaping the museum

We’re nearly there now – get the Barrel Robot manual up on the computer in the Storage Room, and then swap the node with the F4RT robot that’s chasing the rat

Have Joey interface with the port of the barrel robot, and he’ll need more information

Swap the Barrel Robot manual node from F4RT to the Holographic table, and have Joey inspect it

Once that’s all done you’ll be able to use the barrel robot, just use the crowbar on the barrel to open it and get inside

Once outside you’ll be ambushed by Mentor Alonso again, and then you’ll finally be able to leave the museum

Returning to Graham’s apartment and the Aspiration Platform

Return to the apartment via the monopod, and you’ll encounter that pesky poet, Reginald, and he’ll rant before jumping into the monopod himself

Once back inside the apartment head into Graham’s room and put on his cleaning uniform

You’ll find that if you get into the monopod and try to go to the Recycling centre, you’ll need a travel waiver, so head back to the plaza for now

Head to Safety Services just in front of the monopod station and talk to Greta, the AI, about the Recycling centre and travel waiver

Choose Orana as the Wellbeing Officer you wish to speak with, then use the monopod to head to the Aspiration Platform

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