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Good news: you can get prime status for free. All you have to do is keep playing and keep earning xp. Competitive matches give you the most xp. After every 5000 xp you will rank up. CS:GO Prime Upgrade. Prime Status is an upgrade to CS: GO account. When you have a prime status, you are eligible to receive exclusive bonuses. Benefits of the Prime Account. CS:GO Prime accounts are eligible for special benefits, one of them being a special match-making system with dedicated servers exclusive to Prime users. This ensures that.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is officially free to play. The announcement comes as part of the recent reveal of the new Danger Zone battle royale game mode and Danger Zone Case featuring 17 community designed skins.

And CS:GO is now free to play! More information about the differences between non-Prime and Prime can be found here: https://t.co/OkFBi6jP3c

— CS:GO (@csgo_dev) December 6, 2018

CS:GO was officially released on August 21, 2012 and has been behind a paywall ever since. This change will bring a flood of new players to the games casual, competitive, and now battle royale scene.

You can find the full FAQ regarding free to play here or below:

What is included with CS:GO?

CS:GO (now available for free) is the full game. New CS:GO players will receive access to all game modes, matchmaking, and a limited set of item drops and weapon cases.

What is Prime Status and how do I get it?

Prime Status is an upgrade available to all CS:GO players. When you have Prime Status you are matched with other players who also have Prime Status, and Prime users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.

There are two ways to upgrade your account to Prime Status; reach Rank 21 by earning XP and add an eligible phone number to your Steam account, or purchase the CS:GO Prime Status Upgrade in-game or through the Steam Store.

Is Csgo Prime Status Worth It

I am already a CS:GO player with Prime Status. How does CS:GO going free to play affect me?

As an existing CS:GO user with Prime Status your experience in CS:GO should not be affected. You will continue to play CS:GO with other Prime Status players and receive drops and weapon cases from the same drop lists, some of which are Prime-exclusive.

Additionally, as a Prime Status member you are be eligible for the new Prime-exclusive Danger Zone Souvenir MP5-SD Lab Rats, available until January 9th, 2019. And if you have played CS:GO in the five years leading up to the Danger Zone update you will receive the CS:GO Loyalty Badge!

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Cs Go Prime Upgrade

I previously purchased CS:GO but did not opt into Prime Status. How does CS:GO going free to play affect me?

Csgo Prime Status Key

All users who already own CS:GO but have not opted into Prime Status have automatically been upgraded to Prime Status. Even if you do not have a phone number on your account, you now have Prime Status.