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A new enhanced version of Dying Light was released this week on Steam. The new version is called Dying Light The Following, and it has brand-new Legend system, improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and more.

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Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition CD key Free game download. Critical Characteristics of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition: Survive the Night: Throughout your daytime, players float free and scavenge for weapons and supplies. However, in the nighttime time, the entire planet transforms: one awakens to stem its prey and also. Dying Light: The Following. It's usefulness is basically equal to what you see in the pic. But hey, you can still crack zombie heads open with it you hit hard enough with it.

Because of the game being enhanced some players encountered different errors when trying to start or to play the game. The most common Dying Light The Following errors that players are complaining about are Dying Light The Following Not Loading, this is by far the most common error encountered by gamers. They are unable to start the game due to startup crashes; the game won’t load, or it just freezes.

Another common error in the game is crashes, random crashes during the game every 5 or 10 minutes and FPS issues, low fps or fps drops with constant 5-10 fps sometimes.

Below you can find these errors described and solutions on how to fix them and play the game. Have fun killing zombies!

Dying Light: The Following Cracked

Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Reinforcements PC Full Version – Merupakan seri lain dari game Dying Light sebuah game Survival Zombie Open World keren dengan grafis HD, Jika kalian sudah memainkan yang Dying Light biasa, sepertinya kalian juga harus mencoba yang versi ini, Nah sebelumnya Mimin sudah membagikan link download game awal Dying Light yaitu Dying Light PC Download. Dying Light The Following Crack is set after the occasions highlighted in Dying Light. The player at the end of the day goes up against the part of Kyle Crane, who now goes to another area – suburbia of Harran. Your employment is to help the saint invade a camp of a puzzling clique. Dec 09, 2019 Based on Dying.Light.Enhanced.Edition.MULTi16-PLAZA ISO release: plaza-dying.light.enhanced.edition.multi16.iso (32,405,061,632 bytes) All DLCs are included and activated; game version is v1.23.0 CreamAPI crack is available in NoDVD folder after installation. It allows you to play in multiplayer mode via Steam with the same crack users.

How to Fix Dying Light The Following Errors:

1) Dying Light The Following Not Loading, for some players the game simply won’t load or it will crash when they try to start it. This is the most common error reported on the Game Steams Dashboard, and you can fix it by following the solution below or simpler by applying our patch to your game, you can find it at the end of the post.

“Just finished downloading the following update, go to play it and its now stuck on a loading screen. Is there a fix for this?”

Dying Light Crack Only

“I cannot start a game anymore! I bought “the following” DLC … before the patch, I could play the game perfectly. Now, I cannot even load a game. The game crash @ loading screen. No matter if I start the “normal” game, or ” the following”.”

“After starting any dl game, it freezes on the loading screen. Any solutions?”

“Tried everything. Even Be The Zombie won’t load… Anybody resolved this issue or gotten through to suggest solutions? Techland Forums are empty on this. Wanted to PLAY, since I PAID, very disappointing.”


  • Change the Desktop resolution to the Game resolution.
  • Or else, Reboot your PC. Then press F8 continuously until you get Boot options.
  • Then Enable Low-resolution mode.

2) Dying Light The Following Crashes, you might encounter random crashes while playing every 5 to 10 minutes.

“I was trying to repair/upgrade my buggy, and it just turned night at the same moment. When I tried interacting with it (by holding E), it froze for a few seconds then crashed. Anyone else got this problem?”

“I have never played Dying Light until yesterday I bought the following enhanced edition, I tried to play the game in fullscreen, but as I use my tv as my monitor, it only refreshes at 30ghz because it’s big but quite old plasma tv. This caused the game to flash black, and on again constantly so I went to windowed mode that fixed it although with the annoying bar at the top of the screen, So I decided to play anyway only to crash to desktop with no error message after 5 to 10 minutes.”

Solution: To fix this issue you need to apply our patch to your game, you can find it below.

3) Dying Light The Following FPS Issues, constant low fps and fps drops are the most annoying issues of the game. From time to time, you may get fps drops, and other players have constant low fps even to 5-10 fps. To fix the fps issues follow the solution below.

Dying light: the following crack movie

“The drops happen random, not because there’s a lot going on, on screen. Any tips for fixing this?”

“So I can go through the game on an average of about 50-55 fps… right until I try to shoot a gun. Then my FPS will drop down to about 5-15fps for a split second.”

“FPS isn’t so great in Dying Light for me….Using a laptop. The Dell Inspiron 1447. It has 8GB ram and a Nvidia GTX850m graphics card…and all I get is 20-27 FPS no matter what the settings are…please help/advise!”

Solution: Our patch will fix your performance issues and after you apply it your game will run smoothly.

  • First, go to Task Manager.
  • Then go to “Details” Tab.
  • Now, find the .exe file of Dying Light.
  • Then Right-click on it and select “Set Priority ” option and set the priority to “Real-time” or high.

The Following Fix Patch for Major Issues:

Our team of developers managed to release a patch that helps you fix the errors described above. You can see how our patch looks like below, where you can also find a tutorial on how to use it and a download link. Please follow the tutorial step by step before asking any questions regarding your issues. Our patch won’t interfere with your Steam account, it will just change some files and .dll in the game folder in order for the errors to be fixed.

Follow the tutorial below to apply the patch correctly to your game.

Dying Light: The Following Cracks

How to apply our patch:

  1. Download the archive of the patch from here: download
  2. Extract the downloaded archive on your PC, and open the patch from the folder.
  3. Your GPU will be selected automatically, make sure that you use your dedicated GPU if you have a laptop!
  4. Select the game executable from the game folder, if you used the default install folder it should be: “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamappscommonDying Light The Following”
  5. Select your issue or issues from the box to the right and click the corresponding “Fix” button.
  6. After your errors are successfully fixed you can click the “Launch Game” button and play the game.

How to download: Well, you might think that our download service is pretty annoying but is very effective. To download you just need to complete a simple offer, it usually takes a few minutes, and after that, you will be able to download the patch. We use this service because is the only way to support our developers and to keep releasing and updating patches for games. Thank you! We hope you understand us and have fun playing The Following!

We hope that our tutorial helped you fix your Dying Light The Following errors and that now you are playing and enjoying the game. If you encounter any issues or if you have questions please use the comment section below and we will help you fix your game. – GamesErrors Team

dying-light-the-following-enhanced-edition-scene-plaza-2016-repack.torrentDownloaded 1 times Size: 13.0 GB
Updated to latest version - 1.23.0, archive Data3.RePack is rehashable.
Release Date: 9 Feb, 2016
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Techland Publishing
Release Type: RePack

Dying Light Multiplayer Crack

Interface Language: English, Russian, MULTi16

Dying Light Crack Download

Audio Language: English
Crack: (CODEX)
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR3
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)
Storage: 28.4 GB
Dying light the following crackwatchDying Light: The Following is a new chapter of Kyle Crane's story and a vast expansion to the base game. Offering the amount of content fit for a stand-alone title. All this, coupled with numerous improvements to the original Dying Light gameplay. The impossible turned out to be true. There is a secret passage leading outside the walls of Harran. The unfair race against time to save countless human lives has just begun. Survive in a city beset by a zombie virus! Discover the hard choice you will have to make on your secret mission. Will loyalty to your superiors prove stronger than the will to save the survivors? The choice is yours…