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Roslyn Walker wondered if two of our escapes could be paired together and the result is truly one of the most terrifying escapes on the market today!

The Phobia escape is completely transparent with acrylic sides, hasps and hinges. The performer shows one padlock and supplies seven keys to seven spectators. Each spectator tries their key in the padlock. None unlock it. An eighth key is supplied and the lock is opened successfully. The keys are shuffled in a hat or bag and each spectator is asked to select a key, leaving one key for the performer. This process is repeated for the second padlock. At the end of the process the seven spectators have chosen two keys each and the performer has the two remaining keys.

Escape From Tethys Crack

The performer's head is placed inside the acrylic box and the stock is secured around their neck. The front panel comes down and is secured with the two padlocks through the industrial strength acrylic hasps. The performer's hands are secured behind their back with the shackle of the Stainless Steel Straitjacket and the acrylic box is filled with water. The performer has precious seconds to free their bound hands and try to open the two padlocks with the keys they were given or drown in front of a live audience!

Variation: The acrylic box is water and air tight. This escape can be performed without water and be based on the air tight aspect of the box. The consequence without the water is visible suffocation if you do not escape in time! Once the performers head is locked within the acrylic box, their breath will steam up the walls of the box making the visible suffocation effect more terrifying to the audience.
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