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Hey look, I'm not super late! Are you guys happy? So I've decided to try and do updates on Fridays. (It's technically 3:20 in the morning on Saturday, but close enough). I don't know if it will be every week or every other week, but it should not be longer than two weeks because I have plot for this story figured out even further! I think I had some announcements to make but the only one I can remember right now is that I am taking suggestions for one-shots, for my soon to be posted I'm Not Gonna Write You A Love Song, which is a Danny Phantom fanfic collection of one-shots for DannyxEmber. So if you guys are also fans of Danny Phantom, tell me a suggestion for a one shot in either a review or a PM! I will also take suggestions for SolAngelo (Will SolacexNico Di Angelo) one-shots, because I want to write for it but I have no ideas. So let me know if you like those fandoms and have some ideas!

Disclaimer - I do not own Miraculous Ladybug, but holy crap did guys know about the new miraculous holders? (I know it's probably old news but I'm very behind on stuff like this). Oh, and the glass box thing mentioned near the end is all mine. Mine.


He knows.

He knows.

As she ran, that was all Marinette could focus on. Whether he had figured out who she was during her time as a villain or just then, he knew. The spotted earrings were a dead giveaway for Ladybug, and it had been she who appeared instead of the heroine. That wasn't the worst part, though, she knew. She had heard the crack when the earrings fell from his hand, hitting the ground hard. Tikki hadn't appeared as she was running, and she was terrified. What had being akumatized done to her Kwami? And could the cracked miraculous even function? She suspected not, and it scared her. How was she going to fix this without her miraculous? She couldn't do Lucky Charm or Miraculous Ladybug without Tikki's help.

Oh god.. poor Tikki. What had gone through her head? Marinette could remember what had happened while she'd been Masquerade, though it was like watching something through a fog. Everything was hazy and blurred, but she knew she had caused a lot of damage. She briefly remembered Chloe and shuddered at the thought of what she did to the poor girl. That memory wasn't very strong, but she knew Chloe wouldn't be the same.

Marinette just wanted to curl up and cry. She felt weak and terrified, and she knew it wasn't a very Ladybug thing to think, but she didn't care. Unfortunately, she couldn't stop running. Chat was following her, she knew it, and she just- she couldn't. She didn't want to face him, didn't want to see the disappointment on his face or hear it in his voice. She just had to get home to her parents and try to figure out how to fix her miraculous. Her luck seemed to have run out, however, because Chat caught up with her before she made it home. With a graceful leap he landed in front of her, holding tightly to his baton. She skidded to a stop so she wouldn't run into him, and for a moment the two were silent, staring at each other.

Glass Masquerade Crack

'Marinette, I-'

'Don't.' Chat's attempt at breaking the silence was interrupted by Marinette's voice. 'Just don't. I don't need to hear your disappointment or your anger, or anything else! I just want to go home and forget about this!' The leather clad hero was stunned, but was still able to stop her when she tried to push past. She flinched away from his hand on her arm, staring him down. 'What?'

'I... I'm not disappointed at all Marinette.' He shook his head, eyes still wide. 'I'm not disappointed, or angry, or upset.. not with you, at least. I'm surprised, sure, but...' His hand came up and rubbed the back of his neck. 'I'm happy it was you, Mari.' His voice was gentle, catching Marinette off guard.

'You are?' He nodded, a smile on his face.

'Yeah. Of all the people it could've been... I'm glad it was you.' A blush appeared on Marinette's face, though she told herself it didn't mean anything. She was just happy that her partner wasn't disappointed. She looked down with a smile on her face, the first since she had been freed from the Akuma. Then a thought occurred to her, and she looked up nervously.

'Chat... if you know who I am... do you think that you could m-maybe tell me who you are?'

GlassGlass Masquerade Crack

'Oh! Um, I-' Before Chat could finish what he was saying, there was a shout from across the street. A cry of 'Marinette!' drew gasps from passerby, and both heroes turned to see people gathering and pointing. Two familiar faces appeared in the crowd, running over with amazed smiles on their faces.

'Marinette, you're alright! Where were you girl?' Alya immediately enveloped her in a hug, but pulled back when she noticed the girl wince. 'What happened?' Marinette frowned slightly, not sure how to explain. Should she say she was the one akumatized? What would they think about Ladybug then? Luckily, Chat took the job of explaining for her.

'I saved her. We shouldn't have any more trouble with Lady Masquerade anymore.' Nino nodded.

'Thanks, Chat Noir. Have you seen our friend Adrien? He was with us when the attack started, but we got separated and we haven't be able to find him.' A gasp came from Marinette, drawing Chat's attention.

'Adrien's missing?' Alya nodded, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder.

'Yeah, but I'm sure he'll be okay. Is that what Ladybug's out doing now? Looking for anyone who may have gotten lost or hurt during the attack? We've been wondering where she's been...' Chat winced, trying to think of something to say. He couldn't say she was, because they would notice if the Miraculous Ladybug didn't fix the damage like usual.

'Ah, she's been... sick!' Marinette gave him a weird look, but it was all he could think of. Alya was skeptical.

'Sick? How did she get sick?'

'Oh, nothing too serious, just a bug going around,' (AN - I didn't see the pun in this until after I wrote it, because this was written at like 1:30 in the morning. I proceeded to laugh like a lunatic at this probably not that funny pun, and left it here. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as sleep deprived me did.) he said nervously. 'She just wasn't well enough to fight. I couldn't have my lady putting herself in danger.' He was trying to act normal, but it was really hard with Marinette staring at him, knowing that his lady was right there and could hear every word. He suddenly felt a lot more self-conscious about his flirting. 'She'll be better soon. And as for Adrien, I saw him just a few minutes ago, I'm sure he's fine. Probably heading home, which exactly what you two should be doing.' Alya opened her mouth to protest, but Chat shook his head. 'It's still not safe out here, some of the buildings may be unstable and I'm sure your families are worried. I'll escort Marinette home safely.' Marinette realized what he was doing and though she was still worried about Adrien (she knew he hadn't seen him a few minutes ago, he had been fighting with her the whole time) she nodded, quickly backing him up.

'Chat Noir is right guys. If Chat saw him, Adrien is fine. And I really do want to get home, my parents...' She looked down. Her parents must have been devastated at her disappearance. Alya and Nino softened and their friend's change in tone, realizing it had probably been very stressful for her. They didn't want to overload her with questions and information, even if they were just concerned. Alya hugged her again, gentler this time.

'Of course Marinette. Your parents will be overjoyed to see you.' She smiled slightly. 'Call me when you get home, when you're ready.' Nino put a hand on her shoulder.

'And I'll be with her, to save you the trouble of having to call both of us. It's good to have you back Marinette.' Both of them looked over to Chat. 'Thanks again Chat Noir.' Then they left, casting warm smiles at Marinette before they did. Chat started walking again once they were out of site, Marinette following with a suspicious look on her face.

Glass Masquerade Crack

'Chat, what were you talking about back there? You couldn't have seen Adrien, you were fighting-' She stopped herself with a frown. She didn't want to think about her time as Masquerade, that she could have seriously hurt her partner. 'You were busy,' she decided on. That sounded alright. 'There's no way you could have seen Adrien. Why would you lie to them? We have to find him, he could be hurt! I could've hurt him...' The realization hit her like a ton of bricks, and she stopped. Chat turned when he noticed she wasn't behind him, giving her a concerned frown.


'I... I could've hurt him... Chat we have to go back! We have to find him!' This was like Volpina all over again, only it wasn't an illusion. And this time she was the villain. What if Adrien was like cold and alone somewhere, hit by debris she had caused to fall? Her wide, desperate eyes searched Chat's for some kind of reassurance, but she was surprised when she actually found it. 'Chat? Why are you looking at me like? Stop playing around, we have to find him!'

The cat in question was staring at her, an amused smile making its way to his face. He shook his head, gently grabbing her arm and pulling her along, to her protest.

'Don't worry Princess, he's okay.'

'What? How do you know that?'

'I'll explain later. Right now you need to get home.'

'Chat, please, I-' Chat cut her off, gesturing to the building they stood in front of.

'I believe this is your stop, My Lady?' She stopped, blinking as she saw the bakery in front of them. Then she turned, frowning at her partner.

'This is serious! Stop fooling around and give me a straight answer Chat.' He sighed, walking her up to the door.

'You need to let your family know you're alright. You can tell them that you were Masquerade, most people think that already anyway. Hopefully they won't ask about Ladybug. I'll stop by later tonight and we can talk, okay?' She sighed at his words, about to respond, but her parents had noticed figures standing outside the bakery and opened the door. When they saw Marinette, any chance of her responding to Chat was dashed.

'Marinette!' Her parents exclaimed, rushing forward to hug her. 'Oh Marinette, we were so worried,' her mother continued, holding her close.

'It's okay mom, I'm here now.' Marinette smiled as she was hugged by her parents, glad to finally be home. She had missed them, and it was obvious they had missed her as well. They were so happy that she was finally safe. After a minute or two, they pulled away and Marinette looked at Chat. 'Thank you for bringing me home Chat Noir.' Her father nodded.

'Yes, thank you Chat Noir. We were so worried about her.' The cat hero smiled.

'I'm happy to bring her back to you. Stay safe you three.' Then with a flick of his baton, he was gone.

That night, Marinette lay in bed waiting for Chat to knock on her window. She'd had a long day, spent catching up with her parents, making sure she was alright and trying to find out what she had missed in the last three days. She had also been stuffed full of food, since her parents were convinced sweets would help her recover faster. Which, they were right. She had a plate of pastries down on her desk somewhere, but she had lost interest in them a while ago. Her earrings were down there too, abandoned as she couldn't stand to look at the cracks marring the smooth surface of the miraculous.

A tap on her window drew her attention, and she got off of her bed in order to open the window. Chat stood there, climbing in when she when she gestured it was alright. They stood there for a moment, silent. Marinette moved back, taking a seat and gesturing for Chat to do the same. He shook his head though, frowning slightly.

'No, I think... I think I should stay standing for this.' Marinette tilted her head.

'Chat, what are you-'

'You asked who I was earlier, and I didn't get the chance to answer you. I know who you are, and I think it'll be easier for us to figure out what to do next if you know.' He gave a nervous smile. 'Just... don't be disappointed?' The girl frowned.

'I doubt I would be, but alright.' Chat nodded, taking a deep breath. In a flash of green light he dropped the transformation, and Marinette dropped her jaw.

'Hey Marinette...' Adrien said with a small wave.

The room was dead silent. Shock was painted on Marinette's face, and it took her a minute to process this new information. Once she did, she promptly began to freak out. Adrien? All this time it had been Adrien? Of course, that explained why he said he had seen Adrien just a few minutes before saving her. It also gave reason for his certainty that Volpina had been creating an illusion, and why he had been so familiar with the Agreste mansion when they had been protecting his father, but... If those were all Adrien... Her face burned as she remembered all the times Chat had kissed her hand, flirted with a simple 'bugaboo' or 'my lady'. All the compromising positions they'd ended up in as a result of a misfire with her yo-yo or a slip up during an attack. And... oh god, the incident with Kim.

She had... She had kissed him! And she didn't even realize it was Adrien! It had just been Chat, her loyal partner who needed her help. Sure, her feeling for Chat may be different if it weren't for Adrien but that was just... That was irrelevant now! They were the same person!

'..Mari?' Chat's- No, Adrien's concerned voice broke her out of her panicked train of thoughts, and she stared at him as she tried to form words.

'I- you- we...' She shook her head. 'I-it's been you the whole time?!' He nodded, walking over to sit beside her.

'Yeah,' was his quiet answer, as he rubbed the back of his neck with a hand. 'It's been me.'

'Oh my god,' she muttered, slightly horrified as she went over all of her encounters with him as Chat. She was lucky she had taken down all the photos of Adrien and changed her computer screen, or the boy in question definitely would have noticed while he was waiting for her to calm down. As it was he looked pretty nervous himself, watching her freak out and hoping it was just because she was surprised, not upset. She had promised not to be disappointed... Before this thought could get much farther, Marinette snapped out of her thoughts.

'Cha- Adrien, I...' She shook her head, a faint smile on her face. 'I just never thought it was you. After all this time, you were after Ladybug and I was after-' She faltered, pink dusting her cheeks. 'We've been a little ridiculous,' she finished. Adrien chuckled, eyes glinting with a spark of humor. He had noticed her slip up, but he wasn't going to comment on it. Unfortunately for the two teenagers, there were more pressing matters at hand. They'd have to worry about identifying their relationship later.

'Yeah, I suppose we have...' He trailed off, casting a glance to her dresser. 'But that's not we need to talk about.' His face grew serious, and Marinette's expression mirrored his. 'First off, are you okay? I hope I didn't hurt you...' Guilt colored his features as he realized things could have gone very wrong earlier today, he needed to be more careful. Marinette, however, shook her head.

Glass Masquerade Solutions

'I'm fine. A little sore, but nothing out of the ordinary. But Tikki...' She looked down. 'That's my kwami. I.. I haven't seen her since you pulled my earrings off.' Before Adrien could respond, a little black creature popped up from behind his shoulder.

'You mean you don't know if she's okay?!' Marinette focused on the creature, a small cat-like figure that she immediately guessed to be Adrien's kwami. Adrien frowned, trying to soothe the creature.

'I'm sure she's okay Plagg.' He glanced over to Marinette. 'This is my kwami, Plagg.' She nodded, feeling guilty as she looked at the little cat.

'I'm so sorry Plagg,' she said. 'I don't know what happened, and I haven't seen her at all. I've tried to fix the crack in the earrin-'

'They got cracked?!' Plagg's voice, normally laid back or even whiny as he begged Adrien for cheese, was suddenly an octave higher and definitely panicked. 'You cracked the miraculous?! Oh no, Tikki!' Without another word he zoomed over to the desk, cradling an earring in his paws with despair written plainly on his face. Marinette winced.

'Yeah, I figured that had something to do with it...'

'What are we supposed to do?' Adrien asked. 'We can't fix it without the Miraculous Ladybug, and you can't do that without your earrings. You said you tried to fix it on your own?'

'Yeah, but it didn't work. I don't think something like this is an easy fix.' Adrien hung his head, sighing.

'I'm sorry Mari, this is my fault. If I hadn't dropped them then maybe...' She shook her head, causing him to trail off.

'Then I'd still be Masquerade. The Akuma was there Adrien, the only way to get it out was by breaking the earrings. It was my fault for getting akumatized in the first place.' They were quiet for a moment, thinking about what had caused this, before Adrien realized what she had said and gasped.

'Marinette, the Akuma!' Her head shot up, and a horrified expression marred her face.

'Oh no, you didn't grab it?'

'No, I- I couldn't think!' He dropped his head into his hands, starting to panic. 'Oh man, you know what happened last time we didn't purify an Akuma... There's going to be statues of evil you everywhere Marinette. And Hawkmoth will just be waiting for the perfect opportunity.' The girl shuddered, knowing her partner was right. And it was this last statement that broke Plagg from his mourning. His eyes drifted in their direction, and he gently set the earring down before floating over to them.

Glass Masquerade Review

'This is serious,' he said. 'With the Akuma still out there and Hawkmoth watching you, he may know you're Ladybug. The chances are pretty high that he does. And if he gets you under his control again, there's no doubt that he'll use you to get Adrien's miraculous and then have you hand over your own. We have to get this fixed as soon as possible.'

'But Plagg,' said Marinette hesitantly. 'How can we purify the Akuma if I'm still the victim? We can't get to it unless he sends it after me again.' The look on Plagg's face darkened, and he crossed his arms.

'Then this is it, one way or another. Either Hawkmoth goes down, or we do. We have no other choice.' The two teenagers shared a look, fear over what they would have to do already creeping in. 'Now come on, let's get you two to the Guardian. He'll know what to do.'

Despite how late it was, Master Fu opened the door on the second knock. A green turtle-like creature hovered beside him, and both wore matching masks of concern.

'Come in, quickly,' the old man ushered them inside, locking the door behind them. He led them into the main room, where they sat in a sort of circle with Master Fu watching them carefully. 'Children, it seems dire times are upon us. Wayzz felt something terrible had happened, but never had I imagined... Are you alright, dear?' He asked Marinette, eyes softening as his gaze fell on her. He knew, of course he did. He guarded the Miraculous, he knew when one was being used for evil. The girl nodded, pulling something small out of her pocket.

'I am, but.. I'm afraid I don't know how Tikki is.' She uncurled her fist, revealing the cracked earrings, and a large gasp came from the turtle kwami. Fu's brow creased, frown clear on his face. While he knew the girl had been akumatized, and that it was likely Hawkmoth had discovered her true identity, but he hadn't entertained the thought that the miraculous could be harmed in the process. Never before had the Ladybug Miraculous been cracked, and he wasn't sure how he would need to go about fixing it. Marinette's head was down, and she bit her lip.

'I'm so sorry sir,' she whispered, and Adrien set his hand on her shoulder. Plagg had left Adrien's side to hover near Wayzz and Master Fu, his little cat ears drooping as he studied the faces of the Guardian and his kwami. He'd been hoping for an easy fix, Master Fu would say some magic words and Tikki would appear, tired but alright. Instead he saw something else in their expressions. They were at a loss for what to do, and Plagg didn't like that.

'I'm sorry too,' said Adrien. 'I was the one who dropped them.' Fu shook his head at the two heroes' apologies, however.

'It is not your fault, children. There was no other way to release the Akuma. Though I didn't expect it to choose to harbor itself in your earrings.' Marinette made a face, but nodded.

Glass Masquerade Switch Review

'What can we do to fix them?' She paused, fearful expression appearing. 'We can fix them right?!' There was a troubled expression on Fu's face as he took the earrings, studying them carefully.

'I will admit, this has never happened before. But will try my best. For now, though, it seems Paris will have to wait a little longer for the return of Ladybug.' Marinette looked down again, nodding. Adrien tore his gaze from her for a moment to look at Fu.

'What about the Akuma? We couldn't purify it, it's going to turn people into Lady Masquerade statues. And with Ladybug out of commission...' He let the sentence hang in the air, and this time it was Wayzz who got an idea.

'Master, the box! Perhaps...?' The little turtle didn't have to finish his sentence, Master Fu was already up and moving to a desk in the back. Opening a drawer he pulled out a small box, much like the box Adrien's ring had been in, but instead of wood this box seemed to be made of stained glass. There were also different symbols on it, though Adrien wasn't quite sure what they meant. Fu came back with the fragile looking box and sat down, putting the box down between the three of them.


'Perhaps it is time to try this. I obtained this quite some time ago, and was told it had the power to contain any evil. The fragile appearance of the glass is merely a ruse, for it cannot be broken, neither from the outside or the forces within, as long as it is not changed in any way. If you could get a hold of the Akuma and keep it in here, then once Ladybug was back we could purify it.'

'How could we get the Akuma though? Neither of us know where Hawkmoth keeps it when it hasn't been purified.' Here the old turtle hero was stumped, but he was saved from the issue when Marinette raised her head again.

'I can do it,' she said softly. 'If I let my emotions take hold again, even if Hawkmoth knows I'm doing it on purpose, he wouldn't dare waste the opportunity. Once I was akumatized again,' Adrien looked about to speak, but Marinette held up a hand. 'It's my fault in the first place, Adrien. If I get akumatized again you can take me on as Chat. Just like before. And since I won't have my earrings, and they're damaged anyway, there's no danger of Hawkmoth forcing me to hand over my Miraculous.' The cat hero looked between Marinette and Fu, speechless as he processed Marinette's words. It was her choice, yes, but it wasn't safe! He could hardly believe it when Fu finally gave a slow nod.

'It's risky, yes, but it may be our only option. We do not know where Hawkmoth is located, and we know he would akumatize Marinette again. My dear, suggesting this took a lot of courage, and pulling it off requires even more so. I know you have had your doubts about being chosen, but I believe it is worth telling you that now more than ever only proves just how much you deserve those earrings, and still do.'

Glass Masquerade Cracker

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