Hidden Through Time - Viking Tales Crack

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Neil writes: 'Just a few short months ago, Crazy Monkey Studios offered Xbox One players the opportunity to embark on a new hand drawn journey of discovery with Hidden Through Time. Today they are looking to expand that base game with the additional of the Viking Tales DLC.' Embark on a colourful hand drawn journey of discovery through the ages! From missing dinosaur eggs in the stone age, to a king's crown in medieval times, can you find them all? Discover, create and share worlds with your own hidden treasures in Hidden Through Time! Join Clicky in his longship and sail to Scandinavia to discover whether the tales told about vikings are true! The Viking Tales DLC will send you and Clicky on a quest through norse culture and mythology to discover all of the hidden treasures and myths the vikings have kept from us.

Mar 13, 2020

Hidden through time - viking tales crackleThis guide for those of you who need some help when looking for certain objects.

How to Found All Items

Video Guide

All Hidden Items by Levels

Level 1 - T-Rex Attack

Hidden Through Time - Viking Tales Crackers

Level 2 - Village
Level 3 - Gathering
Level 4 - Rock Expo
Level 5 - Zoo
Level 6 - Hunting Party
Level 7 - Small Market
Level 8 - The Beach
Level 9 - Wrath of Anubis
Level 10 - The Judgement of Osiris
Level 11 - Queen's Birthday
Level 12 - The Great Pyramid
Level 13 - The City
Level 14 - Royal Wedding
Level 15 - Dungeon
Level 16 - Market Place
Level 17 - Ambush
Level 18 - Stone Henge

Hidden Through Time - Viking Tales Cracked

Level 19 - Jousting Tournament
Level 20 - Castle Attack
Level 21 - Train Station
Level 22 - The Bank
Level 23 - Native Attack
Level 24 - Western Town
Level 25 - The Gold Rush
Level 26 - The Native Village

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