Mad Experiments: Escape Room - Supporter Edition For Mac

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Enjoy escape room puzzle games? Mad Experiments: Escape Room from PlayTogether Studio is officially out now.

With multiple rooms to break out of that are full of riddles, clues, and mysteries to uncover it's a highly interactive game with items everywhere you can examine to try and find your way out. They here, is to fully explore your surroundings. It's built firmly with co-op in mind, with it being possible to have six player try to solve the rooms together. It was previously in Early Access with the 1.0 release adding in the third chapter.

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Nice to see more escape room styled puzzle games, especially those where the developer supports Linux directly. Overall though, there's just not a whole lot of good 3D first-person experiences around like this on any platform. There's plenty of 2D point & click puzzle games and hidden object games that have you do a similar thing but it's just not the same.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room - Supporter Edition For Mac Os

Hopefully then we will see more like Mad Experiments: Escape Room in future. So far, it seems most users have enjoyed this one with around 64 user reviews giving it a 'Very Positive' rating overall.

You can buy it on Humble Store or Steam.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room - Supporter Edition For Macbook

Mad experiments: escape room - supporter edition for macbook

Mad Experiments: Escape Room - Supporter Edition For Mac Osx

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