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Apr 10, 2019
  • 《Metaverse Keeper 元能失控》隨機迷宮探索動作冒險Switch版即將推出 (遊戲基地 2020-10-26 15:01:20) 《A3:STILL ALIVE 倖存者》11月10日即將在全球推出 限額1萬名搶佔遊戲暱稱活動開跑 (遊戲基地 2020-10-26 14:52:25).
  • 元能失控Metaverse Keeper是款由火花游戏工作室出品的roguelike游戏!采用暗黑系的地牢闯关玩法,具备丰富的关卡,可以多人联机冒险,可玩性很高,有兴趣的朋友,可以组队小伙伴来一起冒险哦!.

《元能失控》是一款融合了 Roguelike 要素和动作元素的联机合作冒险游戏。 玩家将和自己的队友一起探索随机生成的危险世界。 收集资源,探索堡垒,用各种各样神奇的武器去战胜来自各个时空的怪物,揭开堡垒深处魔王的秘密!. 提到元能失控(英文名:Metaverse Keeper)大家肯定都会知道这款游戏十分的有趣,在steam平台上受到了广大玩家的欢迎。元能失控作为一款Roguelike联机探险游戏,是一款十分受欢迎的游戏,并且采用了玩家们最喜欢的游戏模式。不少玩家都一直期待元能失控能够上架wegame,而现在终于传来了好消息!.

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Four heroes from different universes, each with their own special skills, have been called upon by the mysterious body of government of the Multiverse. The ancient and evil creature who caused the cataclysm that made the Multiverse as it is is back. The four heroes will board its Bastion, a vast ship drifting across space-time, with one goal in mind: uncover its secrets in order to stop the Boss and bring balance back to the Multiverse. They know they will fail and die a lot of times, but thanks to their space-time-travel abilities, they will also be back again and again - but the Bastion, due to the chaotic nature of the Multiverse, will keep changing too…

Join with a band of friends to save the Metaverse together! Metaverse Keeper have both local and online coop so you can play together no matter what - with all of you sitting together in the same couch… or each in your own Universe!

Eons ago, in another time, in another reality, the civilization of planet Noah was the oldest and most advanced of the universe. At some point, they even developed a technology that allowed them to foresee the future by communicating with different space-time continuums. The blueprint of the whole Universe, its past and present, laid in front of them bare - and they discovered that their world was doomed, bound to disappear in a catastrophic event in the distant future.
Then, Metaverse Keeper / 元能失控 Download For Macsomeone stepped forward - a hero that claimed could save Noah even at the cost of his own life. His own story is forgotten, and the details of what happened are lost now, but somehow he used all the scientific knowledge of Noah and bent the space-time at his will… only to cause an even bigger catastrophe. The space-time twisted and twirled, all the stars, planets, and civilizations of the entire history of the Universe tangled together. It became the Metaverse, an ever-changing mixture of what was, what is, what will be - and even what could be. The so-called hero had his own reasons to cause all this, and disappeared afterward - and thus he became the enemy of the entire universe: he became the Boss.

The Metaverse is in danger again: the Demon is back and threatens to destroy whats left of reality. The Congress called upon new heroes to challenge the upcoming darkness - and hopefully, restore the balance of reality. Four heroes took the call, four veterans of numerous conflicts of cosmic levels who had saved their planets and universes in countless occasions. Each of them has his own combat style and set of skills and talents.

A genius hacker who combined his tech-savviness with serious skills in hand-to-hand combat. Wongs special skill is the Matrix Shuttle, a phase-stride that allows him to pass through enemies dealing damage to them. He can use Chips to increase his total health, vitality or damage.

Zoe is a demolition expert, knowledgeable in (and happy to use) everything that goes boom. Her special skill is the Rocket Leap, which allows her to dodge attacks in a powerful leap and deal damage both in the jumping and the landing. Using Chips she can increase the max number of bombs she carries, their damage, and even restore HP when defeating enemies with a bomb.

Dont kid yourself thinking that Brooks is just a powerful voice and a pretty face: he has many battles under his belt (but even the bravest warriors have to do something with their spare time!). His special skill is, of course, RocknRoll: a dodge with 3 charges that recharges one every ten seconds. He can use chips to summon extra healing orbs when picking Hearts of Life, exchange Vitality for HP, and increase his max Vitality or critical damage.
Metaverse keeper / 元能失控 download for mac os
Howard is a veteran explorer and scientist who has spent his life charting the strange corners of the Metaverse. With his special skill, he can teleport forward and generate two portal gates that he can use to travel to and fro for a short time. He can use chips for summoning energy orbs in different situations, increase their damage, and restore shield points.

Chips are remnants from the old Universe: ancient Noah technology that survived the event that created the Multiverse. No one knows exactly how they work -- only that each of them grants different powers. Players can get them in Chip machines using the energy they get every time they discover a new room (if they survive to it!). They can use them to get different passive effects and customize their weapons

Metaverse Keeper / 元能失控 Download For Mac Os

to create more powerful builds and adapt to different battles, enemies, and bosses. They can also be used to power a characters special talents.Metaverse Keeper / 元能失控 Download For Mac

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Metaverse Keeper / 元能失控 cd key
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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
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Release date: Jan 31, 2020

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Release date: Oct 2, 2019
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