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Conquering the world never comes easy, but Massive Monster is a creative collective attempting to do just that. With a legacy dating back to the early days of web games, Massive Monster has worked on over 50 games and cram their personality into everything they do. 'In Never Give Up, K.P. Yohannan has written a book that I suspect he wishes he could have read to himself when he was a younger man. It is the testimony of someone who has walked through deep challenges to his person and to his ministry and who, as a result, has found treasure of more worth than he could ever have imagined.

‘Never Give Up’ is a difficult album for one to put their finger on. Described by Partner as ‘Canadian Queer Post Classic Rock’, it harbours a handful of combined aesthetics, the synergy of which - though at times questionable - makes for a record that’s bold and brave. When it hits, it’s also bloody good fun. It does, however, take some time to hit, though opening number ‘Hello and Welcome’ introduces the band’s aesthetic instantly, combining off-kilter indie-pop with classic rock-inspired riffs and a country bent. And while the potential is there, iffy execution only serves to stymie any early pace that could be picked up. Thankfully things fare better in the record’s second half as Partner’s more poppy side is brought to the fore. Tracks such as ‘Here I Am World’ or ‘Good Place To Hide (At the Time)’ bring to mind bands such as Diet Cig or Hop Along, while providing the record with some much needed buoyancy. That doesn’t mean to say the second half is without noise. ‘Roller Coasters (Life is One)’ for instance, features arguably the strongest riff on the record; its upbeat optimism making it an obvious highlight. Fittingly titled, ‘Never Give Up’ is a record that exudes potential but tends to canter as much as it gallops. As such, it struggles to maintain any real sense of consistency, particularly in its early stages. That doesn’t mean to say it’s a record without positives; the latter half in particular really can shine. It’s just a shame its inconsistencies outweigh those moments, though only just.

Never Give Up For Macbook

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Never Give Up For Mac Catalina

The record comes out in September via You’ve Changed Records.