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Apple Silicon and the rise of ARMs: How changing Mac’s processor could change the world. Some say once all a ship’s parts have been replaced, after years of service, it’s no longer the same. ”The shortest distance between two points is a straight line—except in the delightfully designed mini-mazes of Path of Giants.” - Apple 'There’s an overall sense of polish with the game that just can’t be ignored and is quite impressive for a two-person team.'

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  • Path of Giants: iOS / Android Gameplay Walkthrough Full Level (by Journey Bound Games) Path of Giants is a serene adventure through icy caverns and snow cove.

Chapter 1

[Shanxi system, UNSC Final Countdown]


[06:07:2621 MSC 14:31 MST]

Rear Admiral (lower half) David Anderson was nervous, an unusual occurrence for the Man. Standing on the bridge of an Aurora class heavy cruiser with two others and another half-dozen Orion class heavy frigates in system he had no reason to be, yet here he was. The last time he felt this nervous was just before three CCS-class battlecruiser had dropped out of slipspace right above the colony of New Haven. That had been when he still commanded one of the few Autumn II Cruisers that persisted decades after the war.

Outnumbered four to one Anderson had barely managed to keep his ship intact using a version of the Keyes Loop, modified on the fly. He had managed to destroy on of the battlecruiser and disable another before they could fire their energy projectors. The third battlecruiser had managed to avoid the first strike and maneuver to fire its projector. The shot had penetrated the old Autumn II's shields and destroy most of the lower decks, but it missed the primary MAC. Allowing Anderson to fire his crippled ship's main canon, punching a hole strait through the third battlecruiser. Anderson had then finished of the disabled ships with a salvo of Archer missiles.

The battle had earned him a promotion, a new ship, control of a battle group, and a new assignment: Patrol of the Outer Rim, the farthest area humanity had colonized. That in itself should have put him at ease, on the edge of UNSC space the Outer Rim was as far from any known threat as it could get. Yet he was still nervous.

'Anything Edie?' Anderson asked,

'No sir, nor will there be in five minutes when you ask again.' answered the AI her spherical blue and gray avatar appearing above the pedestal to Anderson's right.

Giving the AI a stern look Anderson responded 'It never hurts to be careful'

'Of course sir, but what are you expecting?'

'Nothing hopefully, but I have a…feeing'

'Ah, human intuition,' Edie said, 'I never have understood it.'

Letting out a sigh Anderson turned back to the holotank displaying the status of the system. With three planets, and Shanxi only barely habitable, and a large ice cloud surrounding the system it was almost overlooked by colonial expansion project for use. But for some reason the UNSC decided it would make a sufficient military outpost despite its insignificant tactical value.

So here he was, for months he had stood watch, waiting for any sign of trouble, and only today had he been this nervous. Anderson took it as a sign things were about to get interesting, and he hated when things got interesting.

'Well sir, it seems I was incorrect,' Edie announced, interrupting his thoughts 'I am detecting an unusual energy buildup in one of the planetoids on the near edge if the ice cloud'

'In a planetoid?'

'Aye, sir,' Edie responded 'And it does not match any energy signatures on record, though I cannot accurately analyze it further from this distance'

So this is where it starts though Anderson before commanding 'Have all ships prepare for combat, and prepare for in-system jump.'

'Aye, sir.'


[06:07:2621 MSC 14:45 MST]

'Approaching anomaly, initializing high intensity scans' Edie announced as the battle group approached the decaying planetoid. Already chunks of ice were being blown away giving way to the blue light and alien mechanism that lay beneath the dying world.

'Underneath the planetoid appears to be some type of unknown device, unknown origin, and unknown purpose' announce Edie 'thought it does not match any form of weapon, and it seems to bear a striking resemblance to a tuning fork.'

'Well that's something' Anderson said 'and prepare a data package for HIGHCOM, I have a feeling they'll want to know about this' he added after a moment's pause. Observing the now freed object from the main screen on the bridge, Anderson noticed its unnerving familiarity to covenant vessels, with its curving architecture and blue hues. It sent chills down his spine; the whole situation did, finding an unknown device built by unknown hands at the forefront of human exploration. The entire setup was just like a bad science fiction novel, and of course just as Anderson was damming the thing into the deepest pits of hell in his mind, it spat out a ship.

'ALERT: UNKNOWN CONTACT, ALL CREW TO BATTLE STATIONS ALL CREW TO BATTLE STATIONS' began blaring form speakers across the battle group moments after the ship appeared.

'Get the frontal projector trained on that ship now! I want missile pods A through F on that vessel and plasma lines running hot yesterday; have the rest of the battle group target the device! Edie!' Anderson commanded.

'The unknown is 106 meters long, I am not detecting any known forms of weaponry, and the ship is only showing minimal power output for its size, thought there are large gravitational fluctuations emanating from the ships, designating vessel U1.' Edie responded to the implied query.


'Well here we,' Ket announced 'and what do you know, we're not dead'

'That surprises you?' asked Uto

'A little, I was kind of expecting to smash into debris as soon as we came through.' Ket admitted turning in his chair to face the captain

'Well we're not out of the scrap yard yet boys,' announced the feminine voice of Lia'Koris from the other side of the bridge, 'we got seven contacts commin' at us and either the sensors are broke or three of 'em are bigger than the Destiny Ascension.'

After a moment of stunned silence Ket spoke up, 'I told you this was a bad idea.'

'Oh because the pirates would have been such a better option,' Uto exclaimed turning towards Ket.

'Girls, girls you're both pretty now can we focus on the giant ships headed right at us.' Lia exclaimed.

'Well they haven't fired on us yet so they can't be too bad right?' Ket asked now looking at Lia.

'One of them appears to be targeting us'

'Bosh'tet' Uto swore.

'We at least it can't get any worse' Ket said stupidly.

'Hold on,' said Lia turning once again to her terminal, 'looks like the Batarians decided to join in, they're commin' through the relay, and oh look at that, their fleet seems to have tripled in size, must have called for reinforcements, thanks Ket,'

'What? How is this my fault?' Ket called angrily.

'Well mister 'well at least it can't get any worse' whose idea was it to hack the pirates's systems to try and blackmail them into giving us ships!?' Lia yelled back. Following the exchange everyone in the bridge took a moment to glare at Ket as if he alone was responsible for their current position.

A small 'Oh,' was all Ket could muster.


[Unknown system, Excessive Force]

Captain Vorhess of the Blue Suns mercenary group was happy. This was a terrifying prospect for anyone who knew him, as he was only ever happy when someone else was dead, dying, soon to be dead, or being tortured. And for the Quarians he was chasing it was almost certainly a death sentence, or it would be if Vorhess's sponsors didn't want them alive. Why they were wanted alive was something Vorhess didn't particularly care about, thought the 'assistance' he was given did give him pause. Thirty five ships, and ten of them cruisers, was slight overkill for one Quarian frigate in his opinion, but he wasn't paid for his opinion.

Preparing to go through the newly opened relay Vorhess took a moment to reflect on the sheer audacity of the Quarians to open a relay. If he was honest a small part of him actually respected them for it, he also took it as a sign of the spread of his fearsome reputation. Never hurt to stroke one's ego after all.

'Prepared to jump sir' called out a voice to his left.

'Then what are we waiting for?' Vorhess questioned 'After them!'


Arriving in the system the hastily assembled fleet almost immediately detected the Quarian frigate attempting to flee. Orders to disable them hastily dispensed before their sensors could see the UNSC battle group just out of their sensors' range.

'Sir! Seven contacts detected, six cruisers and three…' the sensors operator faltered, 'three dreadnaughts in combat formation.'

Vorhess clenched his fists, 'we can't leave any witnesses to this,' he stated reluctantly, 'we're dead if we do, destroy them.'

As soon as he gave the command he felt a deep sense of dread, this was going to be a costly fight.


'Thirty-five additional contacts detected ranging from 160 meters to 632 meters; designating U2 through U36, gravitational fluctuations similar to U1 detected, and minimal power signatures for ships of their size.' Eddie announced as the unknown fleet arrived through the device. The bridge of the Final Countdown erupted into organized chaos as the crew relayed orders and acquired new targets, and the holotank began displaying the new wedge-shaped ships.

'U15 has fired on U1' announced Eddie amidst the chaos, 'U1 has been hit, and it appears to have been disabled'

'wha-' Anderson began.

'U2-U36 re-orienting, they appear to be targeting us Captain.' Eddie interrupted moments before the unknown fleet opened fire. Streams of small kinetic rounds flew from the unknowns alongside a small number of missiles, the rounds impacting almost as quickly as they were fired and the missiles shot down as soon as they were in range of the battle group's point defense systems.

'Unknowns firing, hostile intentions confirmed,' Edie announced unnecessarily.

'Fire forward projector, target the lead ships,' ordered Anderson, 'all ships fire at will, concentrate on the Frigates first.' He continued over FLEETCOM.

The Final Countdown shook as its powerful main weapon gored one of the lead frigates and hit an unsuspecting corvette behind it. Moments later the other two Auroras fired their projectors spearing three frigates.

'Shields down to seventy percent,' Edie announced, 'projector recharged in forty seconds, plasma lines are hot, enemy vessels breaking formation, we've scattered them sir.'

'I want Bowman pods A through H targeting the centermost ships,' Anderson commanded staring at the holotank.

The Orions began firing their MACs, spitting out 600 ton depleted uranium shells at 40 kilometers per second. Unfortunately the rounds took all of thirty seconds to reach their targets giving them time to evade the hits, but a twenty second recharge time allowed for semi-predictive aiming. A rhythm of back and forth fire emerged as the Unknowns would evade a MAC round, position to fire their own, and attempt to evade the next round headed towards them, not always successfully. An unlucky cruiser caught a second MAC round and promptly exploded. Complementing the MACs, hundreds of missiles streamed from the UNSC formation, as they neared the Unknown ships point defense systems sprung to life taking out more than two thirds of the projectiles, still several vessels fell to the strike despite shields snapping into existence at the points of impact.

'Edie prepare a priority alert for HIGHCOM, Winter Contingency and Cole Protocol are in effect,' Anderson ordered, 'And get me firing solutions for the plasma turrets, target those corvettes!'

'Aye, sir.'

Plasma torpedoes rocketed from the three cruisers, chasing down the elusive corvettes, surprisingly the Unknowns shielding was able to stop the kinetic energy of the torpedoes, but not the heat and radiation that melted parts of the armor and cooked the crews alive.

'Shields down to twenty percent, Last Stand reports shielding at ten percent and dropping, and In The Fray reports completely depleted shields and damage to their armor belt,' Edie announced, 'Orions reporting shielding at roughly sixty-five percent across all vessels.'

'Divert power from the projector into the slipspace engines,' Anderson ordered as he began to input codes into his console, 'put us behind the bastards.'

'Commander this course of action-' Began Edie.

'Yes, I know, suicidal and rash, just do it,' Anderson interrupted.


'Commander Lead dreadnought is breaking formation and it's…' called the sensors operator, 'and it's gone sir! I'm seeing massive amounts of radiation but no other sign of a breached reactor.'

'Well we'll count that as a kill, continue evasive actions, target the other damaged dreadnaught, get that thing out of the fight!' Vorhess commanded. Minutes into the battle and more than half his ships were destroyed by the aliens. He knew this would be a costly fight, but he never expected the aliens to be able to take so many hits.

'Sir! Radiation spike behind us, the enemy dreadnaught is back! It's behind us! It's launching missiles;' the sensors operator exclaimed, 'Hundreds of contacts inbound!'

As the operator finished his announcement the dark of space was illuminated by thirty-six miniature suns spawning into existence for mere seconds, shorting out most of the Batarians systems.

Path Of Giants For Mac

'What was that?' yelled Vorhess in his now dark bridge.

'Radiological alarm tripped just before we lost power,' called an engineer, 'I think we just got nuked.'

Path of giants for macbook pro


'Detonations successful sir, but we have taken heavy damage, D through G deck breached, plasma lines are compromised, and several computing systems have been disabled, but we have destroyed most of the enemy ships, only three remain largely intact.' Edie announced as the electro-magnetic energy of the explosions subsided.

'Take them out.'



Alarms and warning lights flashed and blared throughout the bridge of the Honotara, yet no one dared speak lest they somehow incur the wrath of the white-gray behemoths that had completely destroyed the Batarian fleet with a four to one disadvantage. To say the crew was terrified would be a grievous understatement.

'First contact package,' Uto managed to say, 'Do we have a first contact package, or a language program or even a…a…a friendly picture we can send them?'

'No, why would we-' Ket began,

'Hold on,' Lia interrupted 'I have a language packet for Khelish, but the communication systems are offline'

'Get everyone we can manage on that.'

Mac Os Path

'Why should we waste our time?' Ket asked, 'We need to get the engines going and get out of here.'

'Because Ket, in case you hadn't, those ships just destroyed the entirety or the Batarian fleet, with energy weapons I might add.' Uto answered, 'They also haven't attacked us, so either they think we're already dead or they don't see us a threat.'

'So we use this time to run.'

'No, we use this time to make friends with them.'

'Oh yeah, let's just go make friends with Rachni while we're at it, and hey let's get the Krogen in on this as well.'

'Ket this could be the greatest opportunity we've ever encountered, think of what we could do if we could these beings on our side!'

Path Of Giants For Macbook

'IF THEY DON'T KILL US!' Ket exploded.

'We shouldn't run' interrupted Lia causing the crew, who were focused on Ket and Uto, to turn to her, 'These things look really militarized and we know nothing about them other than they will retaliate against hostile action, for all we know they could take us running as a hostile action and kill us.'

'Well then how do we know they won't kill us if we try and contact them?' Ket asked.

'We don't'

Author's Note

Well here we are again after numerous revisions and rewrites and only….. Nine months. Yeah sorry about that. But hey its longer, not too well edited I'm afraid I only have myself staring at this for a couple of hours, so I will have undoubtable missed things. In any case I shall endeavor to update this fic more reliable in the future.

Path Of Giants For Mac Os

Also if anyone has names for UNSC vessels that they would be willing to let me use that would be fantastic.

Path Of Giants For Machine Learning


Significant revision of combat scene, the UNSC battle group actually takes significant damage as they are outnumbered 4 to 1 and MAC's still fire relatively slow. Hopefuly this version makes more sence.

How To Set Path Mac

Thank you to everyone who offered their thoughts and ship names and special thanks to FranticHamster for their incredible knowledge of both the Mass Effect and Halo universe and calculating the rough force yields of ships of different sizes for Mass Effect, making me realize not all frigates operated like the Normandy, and numerous other contributions.