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The Final Hours series of apps from Geoff Keighley


Starting in 1997, Geoff Keighley began chronicling the creative process behind some of the game industry's seminal games with 'The Final Hours' series. Told from a fly-on-the-wall perspective, Keighley unearths untold stories about the twists and turns of software development by highlighting the talented designers, artists, programmers and musicians who are pushing the medium forward. In 2011 he re-invented the series as a digital storybook on iPad. Now each Final Hours story is presented as an interactive experience with photography and other elements that bring the development process to life.

Go deep within the top-secret offices of Valve, creators of Half-Life, for an unvarnished look at the creative process behind this game. From the hush-hush Portal prequel that was shelved to the last minute scramble to complete the game's story, The Final Hours of Portal 2 is a gripping and dramatic story. More....


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How do you wrap-up one of the most celebrated videogame trilogies? Geoff takes you inside BioWare in Edmonton as director Casey Hudson and team struggle to wrap up the tale of Commander Shepard. More...

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When starting from nothing isn't hard enough, the creators of Call of Duty must overcome a billion dollar lawsuit and a toxic mix of office politics and creative struggles the build the next great videogame franchise.More...

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Lara Croft was once the biggest video game character in the world. But after a string of disappointing games, the team at Crystal Dynamics is tasked with reinventing and rebooting an icon.

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Back in 1998, while I was still in college, I started writing by 'Behind the Games' series at GameSpot.com, which led to The Final Hours. Over a seven year period I wrote many Final Hours stories as well as other long-form pieces about significant game companies like Blizzard, id Software, Trilobyte, and Ion Storm. These stories are still online via WayBackMachine, although not all the images work:


Portal 2 Mac Free

Portal 2 mac free

The real story behind the Mass Effect saga is finally revealed!

Geoff Keighley (host of Spike’s GTTV) takes you inside BioWare to meet the team behind Mass Effect including director Casey Hudson. Meet the people behind this legendary game franchise and discover the untold stories about its creation over the past 9 years. The 15,000 word feature story is accompanied by extensive interactive features, video interviews with Hudson and lead writer Mac Walters, never-before-seen art and details that will get every Mass Effect fan talking.

In The Final Hours, BioWare reveals:

  • Top secret documents from the early days of production on Mass Effect through ME3.
  • Images and footage from “Mass Effect Team Assault,” a first-person Mass Effect game that was prototyped and never completed.
  • Details on how the plot of Mass Effect 3 changed throughout production, including the removal of a key character.
  • Art and details about the abandoned Illusive Man boss fight from Mass Effect 3.
  • Detailed statistics on player choices. How many players cheated on their in-game love interest in Mass Effect 2? Find out.

Interactive Highlights include:

  • Deconstructed story scenes from the game where you choose different options to create different outcomes!
  • 360 degree panoramas of the BioWare office and Mass Effect development floor.
  • Reaper Chase, a game where players in the Normandy must avoid the Reapers!
  • A Mass Effect trivia quiz.
  • Interactive polls where users can share their thoughts on the game.
  • Listen to the music that inspired the development team.

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