Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set
Ferrule Crimping Tool Set

Ferrule Crimping Tool Set

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The LAST Crimping Tool You'll ever need!

Do you need to make solderless electrical repairs around the home or shop?
Our Self-adjustable Ratchet Wire Crimping Tools is perfect for you!

Crimper Plier Set is made of high quality materials to ensure crimping precision. Self-adjustable, ergonomic handle design comes with 1200 pcs connectors terminal with 8 different sizes meet the most
commonly used required.


Why People Love These

  • Ferrule Crimping Range- AWG: 28 - 7 ( 0.08~10mm² ). Each Kit comes with A Handy Ferrule Crimping Plier (Quadrilateral) with 1200pcs Wire Ferrules AWG 22-8.
  • Self-adjustable Ratchet- Automatically adjusting itself to the appropriate diameter for stripping terminals, the ratchet self-adjusting design improves accuracy and reliability during crimping to avoid wasting terminals.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design- With nylon material and the leverage theorem, the handle allows you to save energy, which makes your operation easier and provides you with sturdy crimping.
  • Portable Functional Kit - Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit could help you quickly complete the wiring, suitable for all kinds of equipment switches, batteries, cars and household, electronic components with pins etc.


  • Material: Copper alloy+ nylon materials
  • AWG: 23-10
  • Length: 175mm
  • Application for: Wire-end ferrules
  • AWG 10 (BLUE E6012) 100 PCS: L- 20mm, W- 6.5mm, D- 3.8 mm
  • AWG 12 (GREY E4009) 100 PCS: L- 17mm, W- 5.5mm, D- 3.1mm
  • AWG 14 (BLACK E2508) 100 PCS: L- 15.5mm, W- 5.0mm, D- 2.5mm
  • AWG 16 (ORANGE E0508) 100 PCS: L- 14.2mm W- 3.4mm, D- 1.2mm
  • AWG 18 (YELLOW E1508) 100 PCS: L- 15.1mm W- 4.4mm, D- 1.9mm
  • AWG 20 (WHITE E7508) 100 PCS: L- 14.8mm, W- 3.5mm, D- 1.4mm
  • AWG 22 (GREEN E1008) 100 PCS: L- 14.7mm, W- 3.7mm, D- 1.7mm
  • AWG 23 (RED E0508) 100 PCS: L- 14.7mm, W- 3.4mm, D- 1.2mm

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