Sally Face Crack

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Read a detailed walkthrough of the fifth episode of the game Sally Face. Also at the end of the article, you will find information about all the achievements, how to open door 5 in the Void House and how to unlock the Secret Ending.


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Watch the intro video. Sally is dead, and you play as Ashley. The girl is in the cemetery. Explore the graves. You are interested in the last one on the right, under which lies the mask. Then you will move to the house where Ashley will chat with Neil. After the conversation, go down and look into the room with the door ajar. There is a photograph near the boxes. Go down to the basement and look under the stairs. There is a cell with Maple. There is a journal with notes on the sofa (in the basement). Read it.

Next, go tothe barn. The code from the barn is 4035364.But the barn will open without a code. Inside, read Todd’s notes. Take thepackage from on the table to the right and talk to the ghost of Larry.

Now youwill again be in the house. But Neil is not here. Inspect his backpack to getexplosives. There are Todd’s notes on the table to the right. Go down, followto the basement and find that the cage is empty. You will hear the sound of thefront door. Climb up and go left to the kitchen. Find a letter for Ashley nearthe refrigerator. Read it and automatically go to the temple.

In theinventory, there is a letter with a map on which the location of the fourcolumns is indicated. They need to install explosives. Proceed as follows:

  • Go into the passage on the left, into the western corridor. There are three passes here. Place the explosives between the left and middle, on the column with the bowls.
  • Go through the middle or right door, into the inner western corridor. Go all the way to the right and find a column with bowls.
  • From here, go through the far left passage. You will see two talking cultists. Next, go through another far (left) passage into the eastern corridor. Next will be the third column with bowls.
  • Go through the passage to the left of this column. Move left and you find the fourth column. Install the last explosive.

Do not goback, but instead go left through the passage leading to the cells. You willmeet Neil and Maple. Chat with them and Travis.


You controlSally. Go left and enter the house. Go upstairs and chat with Jim. He will saythat you need to find three pyramids. Go to the corridor through the door withthe number “1”. Enter the door “2” and follow to the white passage in the formof a triangle.

You will findyourself in Sally’s house. Examine the letter, go right and look into Sally’sroom. There is a purple button with two holes under the bed. Follow thecorridor to the right and turn on the TV. You will see code 5023. The door to the basement is jammed. Go left and open thewooden door to the left of Sally’s room. There are rotating plates on the wallon the left. Rotate them in turn from left to right. First, adjust the left,then the middle, then the right. The arrows on each should be directed upwards(green bulbs will light up).

Now go to themetal door from Todd’s room. However, password 5023 is not appropriate. Youneed to find two more numerical values ​​and add them. The second is 1:45 onthe microwave. And in the bathroom, 7842 is written on the mirror. Add 5023 +145 + 7842 to get code 13010. Go upstairsand you will find the first pyramid. As Ashley, go to Sally’s grave and talk tohim. Explore the pyramid. You can alternately click on three different parts.There’s a tip in the note at the top. You are interested in the line North. Ithas black and white halves. You need to click on those parts in which there areindicated halves. In sequence from left to right. And then select“Place.” If everything is correct, the pyramid will begin to glow.


Now gothrough the door “3”. You will find yourself in the forest. Go rightand explore the luminous place under your feet. There are three plates (on theleft, for example, months and suns are depicted). Go right and down the screen(towards yourself) to find a separate stove. It consists of 9 squares. They canbe left black or painted white. You need to make the following squares white(shown in bold):

  • 1 2 3
  • 4 5 6
  • 7 8 9

Go back tothe three plates and go left to find another plate. On it you can change thesun and the month. In the diagram below, months are highlighted in bold:

  • 1 2
  • 3 4
  • 5 6

All threecolumns will rise. You need to rotate the central parts so that they all faceup. If you haven’t done anything yet, then rotate the plates once each timethis way: left, middle, right, left, middle right. A second pyramid willappear. Do the same for the second pyramid in the cemetery, but already followthe WEST line.


Go throughthe door “4”. Go inside the cave and chat with the girl. Go to thepassage on the left. Follow all the way to the left and click on the button inthe wall, among the many fingerprints. After that, solve the familiar puzzle.You need to rotate the three plates so that the arrows are pointing up. Youwill instantly receive the third pyramid. In the cemetery, you click on thebuttons corresponding to the EAST line.

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Leave thecemetery to return to the temple. Now you can beat the cultists by clicking onR. Go to the western corridor on the left, go through another door a little tothe left into the inner western corridor and study the entrance on the right.You will control Sally. Go left and interact with the wooden door. You willfind yourself in some kind of plasticine room. Go to the console on the left.From left to right, the switches should be located as follows: lower position,upper position, middle position. And then it remains to play with the toggleswitches at the top of the screen. Switch them, you should find a combinationin which all three green lights will glow. You opened the passage, but do notrush to leave. If you want to get an extra achievement, then crack the safe.The notes lying on the table list different years. One of them is a safe code. This is 1983. You will find a note from Jim addressed to Lisa.

Leave theroom and go to the central hall (in the role of Ashley). Kill the cultists, andthen talk to Larry as Sally. After that, dodge the falling black cocoon. Youhave to hit him three times (when he falls) and then Travis will attack thearchbishop. Then they will offer to blow up the explosives. Do not do this!

Press the R key to chase away the shadows as Larry. When you remove all the shadows, you will control Sally. Press R to play the guitar and drive out the shadows. Then kill the shadows as Ash, after which you will again play for Sally. When you destroy the shadows, and then attack the edges of the rhizomes. Defeat three green monsters at the top of the screen. You need to attack them quickly, as soon as the mouth opens. When Sally will fall, hold the direction using the WASD keys. Shoot at the roots. Next, you move up and down, shoot in the eyes. Then use the explosion to destroy the red balls. Watch the final video.

How to getall the achievements of episode 5

  • Enter the correct barn code. If you enter on the first try, you will get an achievement. The correct code is 4035364.
  • You need to read all the notes in the game. To do this is quite simple.
  • Open door number 5 in the Void.
  • Chat with everyone and everything in the Void House.
  • Complete the fifth episode.
  • Do not die in mini-games at the end of the game.
  • Open the epilogue. To see it, you must collect all the achievements in the game, in each of the five episodes!

How to opendoor 5 inthe Void House

This dooris hidden in the Void House behind the bookcase; you need to collect coloredchips. Here is their location:

Sally face cracked

Sally Face Cracked

  • At the very beginning of the fifth episode, go to the left edge of the cemetery and press “Space”.
  • At Sally’s house, when you play for Ash, go to the bathroom and look for a chip to the left of the sink (on the floor).
  • When you are in the temple of cultists and you see a corridor where two opponents communicate, pay attention to the floor behind them. There is a chip under the wall. This is the eastern corridor.
  • When you control Sally, then enter his room and look for a chip under the bed. This is the episode in which you go for the first pyramid.
  • In the forest, play as Sally, go down the screen and move left. You need the bottom left corner.
  • In the third world, you look for a chip at the right edge of the location before entering the cave.

Now thatyou have all the chips, wait for the moment when Sally gets into the plasticineworld. You will be in a room with a console and a safe. Move the bookcase onthe left side of the location to find door number 5. You need to match thecolors with the numbers:

  1. white
  2. black
  3. blue
  4. red
  5. green
  6. purple

Enter these colors and click on the plate “0”. Watch the secret video.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Sally Face: Episode 5

You must unlock achievements in all episodes (except for the bottom achievement in episode 5, since it is the secret ending).

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