SoulHunt Download For Mac

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I saw a post about SoulHunt this morning over on Rock Paper Shotgun, and it looks both intriguing and freaky. Plus, the fact that the Soul Hunt open alpha is currently available for everyone to try out is a good reason to mention it here.

SoulHunt, from what I gather from the gameplay trailer and the game’s Greenlight page, is a multiplayer hide’n’seek game that tends towards the darker side of things. Some of the players are the souls and some are the seekers. The souls have to find a hiding place in one of the many ordinary objects scattered around the map (mugs, brooms, fire hydrants, etc.). That sounds simple enough, and it seems like hiding in a mug in a cupboard of mugs would be a great place to avoid detection.


Download Latest Version of Who's Your Daddy for Free! Works with all Windows(10,7,8/8.1,Vista) versions. We have a hunt for you! At SoulHunt we are celebrating Easter with a hunt – what else did you expect? This week you do not only have to hunt down souls, but also our psychedelic Easter eggs! We have hidden 120 eggs over our 8 SoulHunt maps. Up to you to find them! SoulHunt is a multiplayer ‘Hide ’n Seek’ type game inspired by the prophunt mods.

Soul Hunt Download For Mac Os


1,302 likes 1 talking about this. SoulHunt is a multiplayer ‘Hide ’n Seek’ type game inspired by the prophunt mods. Download SoulHunt Demo SoulHunt Demo Download. $8.99 Add to Cart. See all discussions. Mac OS X SteamOS + Linux Minimum: OS.

SoulHunt Download For Mac

But here is the kicker…every soul emits a heartbeat which can be heard by the seekers if they get close enough. Moreover, and herein lies the freaky part, the seekers are rather disturbing looking clowns that are out to harvest you. If they find you, you have to run for it, which makes what looks like a rather funny chase scene with a clown chasing down a mug that is scooting across the floor.

SoulHunt Download For Mac

Anyway, it looks like one of those game that could be quite hilarious if you play with a bunch of friends online. So check out the Soul Hunt open alpha and get ready to harvest some souls! Enjoy!

Soul Hunt Download For Mac Download

SoulHunt Download For Mac

Soul Hunt Download For Mac Windows 7

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