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Steve Jackson in a cameo appearance in The Tasks of Tantalon. Steve Jackson is one of the biggest names in the role-playing game genre. He is the co-founder of the Fighting Fantasy brand, co-author of its first and most enduring book, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain; the co-founder of Games Workshop; creator of a number of other games across different media and a games reviewer and writer. Let's Play Steve Jackson's Sorcery! - Part 1 - Complete walkthrough, All 4 Parts! Play next; Play now; This is why you don't go cross country! - Let's Play Steve Jackson's.

Take all 24 Gold from the start, don’t even kind of argue.
Get your Spellbook and then go buy 4 Rations.
Practice swordfighting if you are new.
A Low Rise
Go into Cantopani.
When the villager eyeballs you, greet him and tell him you want to buy equipment.
He will point you to the store.
*Note* Pushing him away will just let you go to the Inn.
At The Storage House, purchase Bag of Teeth, Bamboo Pipe and the Axe.
Out of Town
Head out and you will find a few bandits looking to score some of your stuff.
Use your new flute and cast JIG to make them dance like lunatics and usher them back to town.
Back at the hill, you will come to a fork in the road.
Look Left, then Right and finally Look Around.
Investigate the noise to find an old man hanging out in a tree.
Help him down and he will give you a spellbook page.
Once he is safe, you hear another noise. It is a Beehive. Climb to the top of the beehive tree and you will find some beeswax and a ration of food.
Make camp, but be prepared to kill a ferocious bat, then sleep.
The Next Morning
You will come across a praying spot, but you can’t use it now.
Moving along, you will find some heads on a stick. Investigating or moving on is the same.
Take the “Climb” option to go up to the mine.
The Mine
“Make a Break for the Entrance” and go inside.
Choose in the mine, then “Go Right”
You will arrive at a door, try to open it, but it is locked.
Cast “DOP” to open the door.
Behind the door is an ogre.
Cast a spell- “DIM” –to make him clumsy and kill him pretty easy.
After he is dead, try the machine, search the table and search the corners to find two emeralds.
Then back to the map then “Go Left” in the mine.
The left hallway will also have a door.
Go through the door to find a Goblin. Kill him and search the room to find a silver key on his body.
Go further into the mine, grope through the darkness and press on through the rocks.
You will fall, concentrate on landing well.
At the base of a pit, keep walking. When you feel something furry, grasp it.
It is a pair of boots. Go on.
Climb out of the cave.
To Kristanti
On your way, you will hear twigs breaking. Ignore it and edge away to the Left to avoid a Skunkbear fight.
When you see a village on the hill, go and enter Kristianti.
Ignore the street kids and go to the tavern.
Greet the owner and sit with the oldest man.
Be nice and when he talks about the Crown, answer “Not if I can Help it.”
He will pay for your beer. Tell him you appreciate it then ask him about the town.
After you talk, thank him and he will give you a Bomba (a food).
Go outside, eat then sleep.
The Woods
Enter the Woods at the junction and Move Carefully.
Go to Aliana’s, knock and then open the door and call out.
Locate the speaker and free her with the axe.
She will ask you if you want a magic or a combat reward.
Choose magic.
She will give you some gold and a Golem will attack you.
Use HOT to shoot a Fireball and kill it.
Leave Aliana’s and head to Dhumps.
In town, go out and explore. At the shop, ask the Merchant for work.
The shopkeeper will lead you to a man who needs a hole dug.
Cast “BIG” to finish as soon as you start and collect 3 Gold, eat and sleep.
Leave Dhumpus the next morning.
Go uphill to Urrustanti. The village has been infected with a plague.
Go into a hut and offer friendship to a plague victim.
Head to the next town.
Something will touch you on your way. Talk to it and discover that it is a tiny annoying fairy thing called a Minimite.
He will come with you into Birrianti.
*Note* You cannot use magic while you have Jann as a friend.
There is some kind of kind of children-running-amok festival happening. Don’t save the old lady. Just leave them to their weird, weird business.
Head to the tavern with your new best friend Jann.
Talk to the bartender and give him his axe. He will give you a free drink and a ticket to the Crystal Waterfall. Leave the Tavern.
Crystal Waterfall
Head to the falls and hand the ruffian your ticket.
Go into the falls, select the message about the water healing disease and decide to go back to Urrustanti and put a stop to the plague yourself.
Jann will stop you about halfway there and go himself.
Leaving Town
Sleep outside of the village and you will be woken up by a wolfhound. Kill it.
Head out of Birrianti and go to the right to meet Flanker the Assassin.
Flanker the Assassin
You will have to agree to fight him and when you do, let him live.
Help him up, ask him about his life, and then bandage his wounds.
Friends are a commodity.
Through the Trees
You will see an old woman who will call out to you.
Go visit her.
Drink the tea in front of you (her tea is poisoned, so don’t switch cups)
She will ask you about the old man you found in a tree a few days ago. Tell her you had met him and give her the spellbook page. Take your opportunity to escape.
Enter the town and talk to the townsfolk who will tell you about Tia the captured princess.
Tell them you are sorry to hear about her terrible fate and that you are a traveler.
They will force to into a hut, eat and sleep for the night.
At daybreak, you will meet Chief Proseus. He will apologize for the rough treatment and ask for your help.
The Crack in the Ground
The Svinns will dump you underground. Feel around and they will throw you a tinderbox to light.
Go to the left at the break and continue making lefts until you find the princess.
Look for traps.
The Manticore appears and is pretty keen on fighting you.
Cast DOZ to slow it down, YOB to summon a Giant and POP twice to strike at it.
Choose “Finish it” when he is weak save the girl and go back down the hallway.
Put the girl in the basket first and eventually, the chief will come back and save you.
The End
Head back to Torrepani for your celebratory feast/dance party.
Collect your 10 gold pieces and your key to the next chapter.
Your Emeralds will automatically be changed into gold.
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