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Hey, I just got TIS-100 for $3.49. That's 50% off the normal price. Anyhow, I just loaded it and it crashed multiple times. Anyhow, it's a good price and I only bought it because I read that it was good to buy before trying SHENZHEN which is also being sold at this sale for like 14 dollars.

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Looks cool, and I've enjoyed Zachtronics games before. I wish the demo video was longer and gave a better idea of the gameplay, though. I might throw the $7 at it anyway to find out.
  • TIS-100 is a programming puzzle game developed by Zachtronics. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.
  • TIS-100 is an open-ended programming game in which you rewrite corrupted code segments to repair the TIS-100 and unlock its secrets. It's the assembly language programming game you never asked for! Print and explore the TIS-100 manual, which details the inner-workings of the TIS-100 while evoking the aesthetics of a vintage computer manual!
  • TIS-100 official site is an assembly programming puzzler, having you literally learn and write code to fix up corrupted code in the mysterious eponymous '80s computer. Yes, you do need to learn and write the TIS-100's assembly code. Computers are puzzles!After.

I've had a vague desire for a game like this lately. I wasn't really around for the early computing era (my first computer was a 486), but I've played with the old machines and learned a lot of the history. There's a special kind of fun to be hand with them, and a sort of peace in working with their simplicity. They offer an oasis from the ever increasing complexity around us. Like the peace one gets from working on a garden; it's still work, but the work is simple, rewarding, and just for your own benefit.

My desire went so far as to build and tinker with my own game. It was to be like Elite, but you pilot your spaceship using only a Commodore 64 esque computer. You had to program everything for it. There were no flight controls or anything, instead you wrote programs to control the thrusters how you wanted, control weapons, drive the radar and plot the detected objects on the screen, etc. If you wanted keyboard controls of the thrusters, you made a program for that. And I had plans to add inter-ship modems so you could build scout ships with automated scouting programs that send back their data.

It was HTML5+JS based, and I got it to the point of having a working asm.js 6502 simulator, various peripheral hardware, MS BASIC, thrusters, radar, and a solar system to explore. But I got busy and had to stop. One major roadblock was that BASIC was terrible at all the register banging required to write most of the needed programs. So to make it 'fun' I would have had to bring up a respectable DOS-like OS, a C compiler, and a code editor.


I really loved the idea though. It had all the fun, cool, retro elements of working on a C64, combined with the fantasy-lore of space adventures. My head swam with neat ideas like adding radiation dangers which could begin flipping RAM bits; interacting with space stations using your on-board modem so that all the Elite-like markets were operated like old BBS software; wormholes that gave you access to alien systems with powerful but undocumented peripherals; etc.


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As the gaming industry widens, the variety of its products with increasingly creative titles forms a new digital entertainment genre. This genre is marked not only for its present fun factor but also for how you may come out of the experience knowing more than when you started it. Of course, we’re talking about the educational genre, which entails a broad range of titles, from the acclaimed Minecraft to number-based games like Magic Stone.

Educational Games Definition

If you want to know what educational games are, we will explain what the term encompasses. Educational games are either explicitly designed for educational purposes or whose educational value is either “incidental or secondary.” There are various educational games benefits that make them a worthwhile pursuit. One can play educational games online and offline, while many available titles promise to both fascinate and educate players in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Are you ready for some educational games ideas? To give this underappreciated genre of video games its well-deserved time in the spotlight, here are the best educational games for adults in 2020.

Tis-100 For Mac Os


Produced and distributed by the British developer Wube Software LTD, Factorio has you playing in the role of an engineer stranded on a hostile planet. Your goal is simple: to scavenge the local natural resources to build a ship that can get you out of there before the inhabitants can make a snack out of you. On the other hand, reaching this objective can be quite a challenge, and escaping will demand tons of imagination, ingenuity, and concrete.

In the process, you will learn plenty of organizational skills as you plan out continent-spanning assembly lines. There is also an obvious lesson to be learned about the consequences of unchecked pollution and its implications. This is a great example of how educational games help students learn because Factorio manages to weave lessons with regards to the environment and ecosystem preservation in its gameplay.


Kerbal Space Program

Tis-100 mac download

A game developer Squad might have made the silliest yet most impressively accurate physics simulator when creating the Kerbal Space program, a widely beloved title in the educational game’s genre. You are placed as the head of a space program operated by a planet inhabited by little green beings who want nothing more than to reach the “Mun.” To help them, you’ll have to develop and test your rocket designs that need to obey fundamental physics principles.

The game is a full plate for those eager to learn more about the knowledge and technology that got a man on the Moon. Exemplifying the educational games learning experience, the Kerbal Space Program is a great choice for anyone wishing to delve deeper into astronomy physics concepts.

Portal 2

Portal 2 may be one of the most acclaimed titles for various reasons, ranging from its story to ground-breaking gameplay and concept. However, the thing that makes it one of the best educational games out there is how it uses its highly accurate simulated engine to make you stretch your mental muscles.

At its heart, the Portal educational games franchise is all about puzzles that have you apply fundamental scientific principles to solve; things like gravity, weight, momentum, friction all play a part. Combine that with the need to think logically and methodically, and you have an experience that will put your mind to the test.

Civilization 6

The sixth installment in the acclaimed civilization series is a treasure trove of historical and cultural trivia where you always come out learning something new. You play as one of many historical figures, leading your empire from the dawn of humanity to the space age, building your culture, military, and economy. Along the way, you will also recruit artists, musicians, and writers, which is an excellent way of learning new names to expand your cultural arsenal. Overall, Civilization 6 is extremely addictive; playing it after-hours, you will always come out knowing more than when you first sat down.



The open-ended coding puzzle game by Zachtronics might not be your cup of tea at first sight, but once you get into it, you find yourself unwilling to get out. This game has you fixing corrupted code lines from a titular supercomputer to unlock its memory, holding dark secrets from you. TIS-100 perfectly applies the concept that the better way to become good at something is through constant practice, and it does so masterfully.

If you are starting to learn code and want to understand better what the mindset and workflow of a software developer are like, this product is for you. The interface can be quite intimidating at first, but this only contributes to the feeling of accomplishment you get from mastering it and its mechanics.


Games are a fantastic way to learn because they have played more than the passive listener role of a classical educational experience, making you more engaged and focused. By interacting with the object of your learning, you withhold information much easier and better grasp the concepts you are trying to imprint into your brain. This also dramatically helps break the stigma that video games are just “dumb fun” that add nothing to you as a person.

Having read this article, do you have any educational games questions? Perhaps you’re looking for advice on the best educational games computer? Let us know what you think in the comments, and we’ll gladly answer all your questions!

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