Total War: ROME II - Daughters Of Mars Unit Pack For Mac

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This product is a brand new and unused Total War: ROME II - Daughters of Mars Unit Pack CD Key for Steam. This product is a unique and unused CD Key which can be activated on Steam. After your payment, you will be instantly sent a unique activation code by our automatic delivery system, called 'Autokey'. Total War: ROME II – Beasts of War Unit Pack Highlights. Seven new units, each one recruitable by specific factions. Total War: ROME II – Daughters of Mars Unit Pack Highlights.

Total War: ROME II - Daughters Of Mars Unit Pack For MacDaughters

Total War: Rome Ii - Daughters Of Mars Unit Pack For Mac Osx

Total War: ROME II - Daughters Of Mars Unit Pack For MacTotal war: rome ii - daughters of mars unit pack for macbook pro

Total War: Rome Ii - Daughters Of Mars Unit Pack For Mac Os


Total War: Rome Ii - Daughters Of Mars Unit Pack For Mac Download

Daughters of Mars Unit Pack Athena, Bellona,Andraste, Mars: whichever war deity these soldiers pledged theirlives to received a solemn promise of victory in the face of eventhe most formidable enemies. Whether in defence of their homelands,or called upon to fulfil their part in glorious conquest, femalecombat units featured throughout the ancient world. Adding a swiftand deadly mix of fighting styles and abilities to the fray,generals will wisely place value on those who aspire to be theavatar of the war gods themselves! GladiatricesCan be recruited by Rome, or as mercenaries in Italia. Honed to arazor-edge through countless drills and contests in the arena,Gladiators and Gladiatrices are ruthless and skilled brawlers.Their sledgehammer approach to melee brooks no compromise, and inthe right circumstances, they can inflict heavy losses ontraditional soldiery. Heavily armoured and disciplined,Gladiatrices are more formidable defenders than their arena-trainedmale counterparts, and every bit their equals in their lust forbattle. Mercenary Kushite shieldwomen Can berecruited as mercenaries in Aethiopia. The fiercely independentKushite Nubians are a geopolitical force to be reckoned with. Theirmounted archers and skilled infantry have repelled Roman advanceson multiple occasions, ably demonstrating their proficiency inlarge-scale battle. The zealous, spear-armed warriors of theKushite Shieldwomen are swift, agile and deadly; able to strikeswiftly from woodlands and trained to form up effectively indefence, Cavalry commanders would be wise to fear them.Lusitani Swordswomen Can be recruited by TheLusitani, or as mercenaries in Lusitania. Honed by generations ofconflict and rightly feared for their lightning ambush tactics, TheLusitani have built a reputation as excellent guerrilla warriors.Trained to advance under the whittling fire provided by theCantabrian Circle, their swift and hard-hitting Swordswomen areadept at exploiting woodlands to remain hidden while they move.When the charge comes, it is swift, sudden, frenzied andterrifying; though used carefully, Lusitani Swordswomen can alsomount a formidable defence. Cimbri Bow-Women Canbe recruited by The Suebi. Like many Germanic tribes, the densewoodlands of northern Europe have impelled the Suebi to developsuperior guerrilla warfare techniques. Adept at making the most ofcover and striking from a hidden position, the Cimbri Bow-Women areamongst the finest archers the Suebi can field. With superiorweapon range and damage, they can wreak havoc before they are evendetected. If attacked directly however, they can give a betteraccount of themselves in melee than their principal role suggests.Spear Gladiatrices Can be recruited by Rome, or asmercenaries in Italia. Bringing the bloodthirsty and brutal meleetechniques of the arena to the battlefield, Gladiatrices makeexcellent shock-troops. When armed with spears, these warriors gaina defensive edge over their sword-wielding battle-sisters, makingthem better prepared in the face of an assault. Arrangedeffectively, they can stop the hammer-blow of a cavalry charge inits tracks, and their frenzied riposte can inflict horrificcasualties. Gorgo’s Skirmishers Can be recruitedby Sparta, or as mercenaries in Hellas. The citizens of Sparta wereamong the finest infantry in the ancient world. With the Helotsperforming the ‘lesser’ functions of society such as agriculture,Spartan warriors were free to engage in the all-encompassingpursuit of excellence in combat. Athletics and weapon-drills werenot the sole preserve of men, however. Faster-firing andheavier-hitting than standard sling-wielding units, Gorgo’sSkirmishers make a valuable addition to any Spartan force.Spearwomen Can be recruited by The Suebi, or asmercenaries in Suebia, Silesia, and Magna Germania. Independent,proud, and with powerful gods watching over them, The Germanicpeoples are famed for their ferocious warriors. The women of theSuebi are no exception, and carry the will of the tribe into battleas ably as the men. Standing side-by-side with their SuebianSpear-Brothers, Spearwomen are exquisite defenders, capable ofblunting a charge and instilling fear in the enemies of the tribe.Their training lends them versatility however, and they can quicklyswitch to an offensive role as the situation demands. SEGA.Creative Assembly, the Creative Assembly logo, Total War, TotalWar: ROME and the Total War logo are either registered trade marksor trade marks of The Creative Assembly Limited. SEGA and the SEGAlogo are either registered trade marks or trade marks of SEGACorporation. All rights reserved.

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