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Total War: Warhammer II’s The Prophet and The Warlock DLC is out now alongside the free Doomsayer update. Among the many tweaks and reworks in that patch is the under-empire mechanic, which I. The Prophet and the Warlock will be the next piece of DLC for Total War: Warhammer II, and it’ll release on April 17. With last year’s Queen and Crone DLC having fleshed out the High and Dark. About Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Prophet & The Warlock key free The Prophet & The Warlock is the latest Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II. Introducing two rival Legendary Lords from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, each with their own objectives, mechanics, units and playstyle, for use in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns, and custom/multiplayer battles.

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Total War: WARHAMMER II - The Prophet & TheWarlock

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The Prophet & The Warlock is the latest Lords Pack for TotalWar: WARHAMMER II. Introducing two rival Legendary Lords from theworld of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, each with their own objectives,mechanics, units and playstyle, for use in both the Eye of theVortex and Mortal Empires campaigns, and custom/multiplayerbattles.

  • Two powerful new Legendary Lords with new quest-chains,legendary items and skills trees
  • Play as Clan Skryre (Skaven) or the Cult of Sotek (Lizardmen)with unique new campaign mechanics
  • Two new additional Lord types
  • Nine new battlefield units and variants including thebullet-spewing Ratling Gun Weapon Teams and the fearsomeRipperdactyls
  • Unleash ultimate devastation with the Clan Skryre Doomrocket,or summon an aspect of the very serpent god himself into battlewith the Invocation of Sotek!
  • New Regiments of Renown to unlock, recruit and field


The great serpent-god Sotek may sleep, but Tehenauin – his mostdevoted prophet – does not. The time has come for the foul Skavento pay the butcher’s bill for their plague-spreading acts, and paythey will – with their very lives! Tehenauin marshals his fellowRed-Crested Skinks: there will be a sacrifice. A vast, crimsonsacrifice. Only when the temple-city altars are drenched withSkaven blood will the serpent god become manifest and enact hisdivine wrath…

Total War: Warhammer Ii - The Prophet & The Warlock For Mac Os

But the Skaven do not sit idly by while Tehenauin plans hiscrusade. Scenting great Warpstone deposits in the jungles ofLustria, the arch Warlock-Engineer Ikit Claw has claimed The StarTower in the name of Clan Skryre: a staging-post from which todelve deep into the continental interior. With the ForbiddenWorkshop at his disposal, Ikit Claw will bend the raw stuff ofchaos to his twisted designs, forging ever-more ingenious andcataclysmic weapons… and placing the Warlock-Engineer on acollision course with the Prophet of Sotek!


New Legendary Lords and Factions

Ikit Claw, the Warlock Engineer (Skaven, ClanSkryre)

Ikit Claw – like all of Skavenkind – is naturally suspicious,untrusting, untrustworthy and treacherous. His aptitude for scienceand invention is unrivalled, but as well as being the greatestSkaven Warlock Engineer of all time, Ikit Claw has also developedan awesome command of the Winds of Magic. His exceptionalscientific knowledge and magical powers have made him indispensableto the Council of Thirteen.

In his quest for destruction, Ikit seeks to realise his grandestdesign – the mighty Doomsphere – and he will stop at nothing tounleash it upon the world…

Clan Skryre brings several unique faction features and mechanicsto Total War: WARHAMMER II:

Clan Skryre Forbidden Workshop

With access to the infamous Forbidden Workshop, Clan Skryreplayers can spend resources to upgrade various units such asDoomwheels, Doom-flayers and Weapons Teams with powerful newstat-boosts and attributes. As the player upgrades in eachcategory, they will unlock further ancillaries and, eventually, newregiments of renown unique to the Forbidden workshop.

Workshop progress requires food and Warp Fuel, a new resourcegathered after battles. New research tiers in the Workshop may beunlocked by completing unique missions. But the deadliest inventionby far that the Workshop offers is the Warpstorm Doomrocket.

Warpstorm Doomrockets

Doomrockets are outlandishly powerful weapons, deployed inbattle as an Army Ability. They are crafted in the ForbiddenWorkshop, and can be stockpiled for use, though only one Doomrocketfrom the stockpile may be launched per battle. Perhaps the mostpowerful weapon wielded by any of the Races of WARHAMMER II, asingle Doomrocket is capable of wiping out multiple units in asingle strike, sending dust and debris skywards in an incineratingmushroom-cloud!



While the Under-Empire is a feature newly-available to Skavenfactions (see the Doomsayer Update Notes for moredetails), only Clan Skryre can build the Doomsphere within theUnder-Cities they establish. This immense Warpstone bomb ispowerful enough to completely destroy any settlement it isconstructed below.

Unique Lord – Warlock Master

The Warlock Master is a caster Lord who uses the Lore of Ruin inbattle. Warlock Masters have unique skills which grant furtherbonuses to Doom Flayers, Doomwheels and Weapons Teams. They may beupgraded to ride a Doom Flayer or Doomwheel in battle.

Unique Units

  • Ratling Gun Weapons Team: Specialistanti-infantry gun teams bearing the rotating, rapid-fire RatlingGun. Ratling Guns are heavy damage-dealers which also Supress theirtargets, slowing their movement.
  • Warplock Jezzails: Long-range, armour-piercingsniper infantry. These sharpshooters have the highest-qualityshields, and their projectiles confer the Shieldbreaker contacteffect.
  • Doom-Flayers: Smaller than the Doomwheel (andtwice as messy!), Doom-Flayers are designed to punch through enemylines and deal powerful armour-piercing damage.

Regiments of Renown

These unique, elite variants are unlocked for recruitment asIkit Claw and his Lords level up.

  • Ikit's Zzzzap-Zzzzap! (Warp Lightning Cannon):These arcane artillery pieces stun their enemies with the Zzzzap!Contact effect, increasing the target’s ability cooldowntimes.
  • Clan Vulkn Tailslashers (Clanrats - Shields):Fiery vermin with high weapon-strength who deal flaming attacks,while being immune to the effects of flame-weapons themselves.
  • Blightscab's Plaguepack (Plague Monk CenserBearers): Heed the word! Blightscab’s Plaguepack have theDemegoguery ability, granting the Immune to Psychology attribute tonearby friendly units.
  • Teeth-Breakers (Ratling Gun Weapons Team):These sneaky shooters carry Concealment Bombs, granting them Stalkand Unspottable at a moment’s notice.
  • Council Guard (Stormvermin - Halberds):Drilled in the protection of their masters, the Council Guard areunbreakable and have the Guardian ability.
  • Natty Buboe's Sharpshooters (WarplockJezzails): The ultimate sniper crew, Natty Buboe’sSharpshooters have both the Stalk and the Snipe abilities.
  • Dwarf-Thing Menace (Doom-flayers): Perfect forscything through tough Dawi armour, the Dwarf-Thing Menace has theSunder Armour contact effect and causes fear.
  • Wheelz of Dooom (Doomwheel): Firesextra-powerful missiles which confer the Discourage contact effecton their target.

Five additional Regiments of Renown will become available uponcompletion of key projects in the Forbidden Workshop. These unitsare only available in campaign, not in custom and multiplayerbattles:

  • Warpfire’s Wheel (Doomwheel): An augmentedDoomwheel with improved melee stats and the Regenerationattribute.
  • Blackhole Flayers (Doom-Flayers): Theseenhanced Doom-Flayers have improved melee stats and causeFear.
  • The Doombringers (Warpfire Thrower WeaponsTeam): With increased melee stats and the Unbreakableattribute, this Warpfire Thrower Weapons Team can tar-pit otherunits in melee if attacked.
  • Eye-Takers (Warplock Jezzails):Headshot!The Eye-Takers’ enhanced Jezzailsdeal increased damage and Blind their targets, reducing theiraccuracy, melee attack and melee defence.
  • Death Dealers (Ratling Gun Weapons Team): TheRatling Gun perfected! These weapons teams fire their hails ofbullets at longer range, dealing greater damage and with reducedreload times.

Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek (Lizardmen, Cult ofSotek)

Tehenhauin, a Red Crested Skink, emerged as the charismaticProphet of Sotek after a devastating plague was spread acrossLustria by Clan Pestilens. As he led a migration out of the defiledcity of Chaqua where the disease began, he prophesised the comingof the Serpent-God and rallied the surviving population ofLizardmen to join his counterattack. As Sotek’s cult grew, so toodid the Prophet’s following, and for many years Tehenhauin led hisapostles to many victories, slaughtering countless captives assacrificial offerings in the hope that their spilt blood wouldbring forth the Serpent-God himself.

The Cult of Sotek faction brings two new campaign mechanics toTotal War: WARHAMMER II:

Prophecy of Sotek

Tehenauin believes that with sufficient sacrifices, theserpent-god may yet return, bringing salvation to the Lizardmen andthe extermination of the Skaven. Tehenauin will be issued with aseries of unique missions, the completion of which grants access tonew forms of sacrifice. When performed, these reward Tehenauin withunique banners, followers, powerful temporary effects, Regiments ofRenown and more.

Sacrifices to Sotek

As Tehenauin and his forces win battles against non-Lizardmenarmies, they may choose to mark any post-battle captives asSacrificial Offerings. As the offerings build, they may be spent onperforming the sacrifices accessed by the Prophecy of Sotekmissions.

The ultimate sacrifice: Invocation of Sotek

The highest level of sacrifice grants Tehenauin the ability toevoke Sotek himself, manifesting an aspect of the serpent-god inbattle to deal devastating damage to his foes.

Unique Lord: Red-Crested Skink Chief

Red-Crested Skink Chiefs are powerful melee-focussed Lordscapable of leading armies, with their own unique skills tree. Theymay be upgraded to ride a Horned One, a Ripperdactyl, and later, afearsome Ancient Stegadon.

Unique units

Tehenauin’s armies may recruit and field all-new battlefieldunits:

  • Red Crested Skinks: Armed with great weapons,Red Crested Skinks deal armour-piercing damage. Moving attremendous pace, they are well-equipped to swiftly outflank theenemy and strike from the side or rear.
  • Salamander Hunting Pack: Powerfulranged-attack monsters that hurl fireballs, deal flaming attacks inmelee and cause fear. Their high speed enables them to repositionswiftly in the field.
  • Ancient Salamander: A vast and venerableSalamander that hurls huge fireballs, dealing high damage andmaking the target more vulnerable to further flame attacks. TheAncient Salamander also deals flaming attacks in melee and causesterror.
  • Ripperdactyl Riders: Flying anti-infantrycavalry ridden by Skinks, dealing powerful armour-piercing damagein melee.
  • Ancient Stegadon(Engine of theGods): A variant of the mighty Stegadon mounted with theEngine of the Gods, which can use the Burning Alignmentbeam-attack, and the Portent of Warding to protect nearby friendlyunits.
  • Bastiladon (Ark of Sotek): A Bastiladonmounted with the Ark of Sotek, able to summon a writhing vortex ofpoison-dealing serpents around itself in combat.

Regiments of renown


Total War: Warhammer Ii - The Prophet & The Warlock For Macbeth

Tehenauin’s armies may field all-new Regiments of Renown. Theseare unlocked for recruitment as the appropriate sacrifices are madeto Sotek.

Total War Warhammer Ii - The Prophet & The Warlock

  • The Thunderous One (Ancient Stegadon): Armedwith the Judgement of Xacmac ability, The Thunderous One calls downbolts of lightning to strike enemies engaging it in melee.
  • Star Chamber Guardians (Temple Guard): Thesevenerable warriors have Expert Charge Defence, Magic Attacks, andthe Guardian attributes.
  • Colossadon Hunters (Ripperdactyl Riders):Expert monster-fighters, the Collossadon Hunters have the Bonus VSLarge ability.
  • Pop-Hopak Cohort (Cold One Spear-Riders): ThePop-Hopak Cohort do not have the Primal Instinct trait, and aregifted with both the Vanguard Deployment and Immune to psychologyattributes.
  • Legion of Chaqua (Saurus Spears): Theselegendary Saurus warriors have the Shield of Chaqua ability,granting significant missile resistance to nearby friendlyunits.
  • The Umbral Tide (Salamander Hunting Pack):Tireless and stealthy, the Umbral Tide have both the Stalk andPerfect Vigour attributes.
  • Cohort of Sotek (Red-Crested Skinks): Grizzledveterans, the Cohort of Sotek are unbreakable, and have the RefuseTo Die ability, which temporarily halts their hitpoint loss inbattle.
  • Pahaux Sentinels (Terradon Riders): Theseagile winged warriors have the Dodge attribute, conferring 20%Physical Resistance, and drop Rocks of Sundering, temporarilyreducing their target’s armour.

Total War Warhammer 2 The Prophet And The Warlock

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