Trainz 2019 DLC: Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC For Mac

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Overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards
At the confluence of the Kicking Horse and Columbia rivers lies Golden, British Columbia. At K.C.Junction just north of town, two Canadian Pacific Railway subdivisions also converge. The CPR Mountain Sub between Revelstoke and Field is part of the transcontinental main line connecting eastern Canada and it's west coast. The CPR Windermere Sub between Fort Steele in the east and the town of Golden is part of an important coal export corridor.
Coal has long been a big part of CP Rail's business and a 1960's increase in Japanese demand led to a continuous procession of unit coal trains heading west from mines in southern Canada to the sea at Vancouver. The traffic continues around the clock to this day. CP Rail facilities at Golden are used to manage coal trains coming off the Windermere Sub onto the main line westward and serve as an inspection point and maintenance depot for the enormous fleet of coal hoppers taking up the unrelenting strain.
Trainz 2019 dlc: canadian rocky mountains - golden bc for machine gunOther than coal trains, the east-west Mountain Sub also sees heavy intermodal traffic, in no small part thanks to CP's growing relationship with China; plus a variety of other trains including VIA Rail passenger services and the Rocky Mountaineer's seasonal exursions.
On the Windermere Sub, coal is king but grain and potash haulage is common and there are daily local freights between Golden and Cranbrook. It's also part of the exquisite Royal Canadian Pacific's scenic circuit.
TRS19 update includes:
  • New Track
  • New Scenery
  • 4 x new sessions
  • New detail rolling stock

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A massive engine upgrade delivers more realistic graphics:

Physically-Based Rendering allows accurately simulated lighting for photorealistic graphics, all in real-time.

Parallax Mapping provides extreme detail made possible by textured heightmaps.

Detail Maps enhance visuals with macro or micro surface detail.

Environment Lighting gives greater control for direct, indirect and High Dynamic Range lighting.


NVIDIA Turf Effects empowers route builders to simulate realistic ground cover on a vast scale.

Lay down Animated Ground Cover that waves in the wind.

Customisable Ground Clutter fills your route with micro-detailed objects.

Enhanced Bulk-Replace tool to quickly update your existing routes to new standards.


Easier access and better visualisation while you’re driving:

Track Navigation Profile displays key information for improved driving accuracy.


Train Control Mode toggle to change instantly between Simple, Realistic and AI Command modes.

Driver Control Center to control and manage dozens of AI Drivers.

Command Properties editable in real-time to update your Driver AI Commands on the fly.


My Collection allows you to view all your installed locos and rolling stock quickly and easily.

Search Routes, Sessions and Rolling Stock in the new menu UI.

Filter by Content Type, Source, Region and more.

Tag your “Favorites” for easy display and selection.

Search and download from the Trainz Download Station directly in-game.

Trainz 2019 Dlc: Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden Bc For Mac Os


Trainz 2019 dlc: canadian rocky mountains - golden bc for machine gun

In TRS19, you can edit and update all the built-in and “DLC” routes and sessions.

Customise the terrain and ground textures.

Add or bulk replace track and trackside objects.

Increase or decrease the density of scenery assets.

Share your edits
with other content owners via the Trainz Download Station.


Trainz 2019 Dlc: Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden Bc For Machine Gun

Picklists – add selected items to your selected picklist.

Raildriver Support – TANE and TRS19 both support Raildriver controllers.

Seasonal Support for procedural track.

In-game help systems.

Trainz 2019 Dlc: Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden Bc For Macbook Pro

FBX mesh support providing support for more 3D art tools, and PBR materials.


Each route utilises all the latest TRS19 content and features and is fully editable by you!


Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards. In recognition of all our Kickstarter supporters we’ve made some major updates to KSC by completely overhauling and updating the route to TRS19 Standards. Includes 4 brand new interactive sessions, new industries and an expanded world.

The following routes will be released during the Early Access period:


Majestic prototypical Rocky Mountains route by RoysTrainz. This enormous 2000 km sq prototypical Rocky Mountains route has been extensively reworked to take full advantage of the new TRS19 features. Includes 4 brand new interactive sessions plus stunning new high resolution trains and passenger cars.


Brand new masterpiece from Jango This stunning creation is a must-see for every Trainz fan. With an incredible eye for detail and the majestic Italian scenery as a backdrop, this prototypical rural Italian route is a true masterpiece. Includes 6 brand new interactive sessions and the stunning new Orient Express train.

Trainz 2019 Dlc: Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden Bc For Macular Degeneration


Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards. An idyllic, single-track branch line in Wetterau and Main-Kinzig-Kreis in the western German state of Hesse. New Track and Scenery plus 4 new sessions with new detail rolling stock.


Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards This impressive route runs between Truro and Penzance in Cornwall. It includes Branch-lines to Falmouth, Helston, Hayle Wharves and St Ives. New Track, Ground Textures, Assets and 8 new never-seen-before sessions.


Completely overhauled and updated to TRS19 Standards. Set in 1976, this well-known ECML route includes the Forth and Tay rail bridges, Rosyth Navy Dock and stunning scenery along the Firth of Forth estuary. Keep an eye out some good gradients and also some severe speed restrictions while learning the road.


TRS19 is not just about the built-in routes. We’ve also included a huge range of new locos, rolling stock and scenery, with over 15,000 items in total. Plus we’re working on a new range of brand new high quality TRS19 DLC content.