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So I wanted to go back to the game since I only played it in the Beta...

Unepic is a role-playing platformer and Metroidvania game, and includes a number of RPG elements, such as levels, skill points, and equipment. It has non-linear gameplay, and was inspired by the MSX game Maze of Galious. Players can utilize a number of melee and ranged weapons and armors as determined by their level and skill points assigned to an applicable type of equipment. While each of these titles influences this title, the story, humor, and levels are uniquely UnEpic.' About This Game Daniel was just an average guy. He was a great videogame player, a big fan of sci-fi movies, and a novice RPG player. In the midst of an RPG, he was teleported to a castle. Unepic v1.51.0 (Steam+GoG) Post by Giuliano Marques » Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:04 pm If someone PM me the retos.bin with all beaten chalenges I'd be satisfied, I hate grinding as well and I don't have time or intention of replaying this thing. UNEPIC STEAM KEYGEN The code allows for the Unepic activation in an account Steam Unepic is a combination of platforming and role p. Killing Floor key Generator Keygen KILLING FLOOR Key Generator v1.0 100% Work Original key, ready to assign in the account steam. Mediafire games: PC Unepic v1.0.16 multi3 cracked READ NFO-THETA 48MB Mediafire full ISO, crack, serial, keygen, SKIDROW, RELOADED, cd key, rapidshare.

Here is my table for the latest version 1.51.0:
  • Bypass Anti-Cheat - Bypass the anti-cheat, da..
  • Scripts:
    • Infinite Health - Your health will stay at max
    • Infinite Item Usage - Do not use while shopping note that it also make consumables as infinite pickup
    • Infinite Charges - Will make weapon with charges (like guns and wands) infinite (must have at least 1 charge) I recommend turning this off while buying
    • Always Max Exp - EXP will reach it's max for current level, just kill 1 enemy to level up
    • Infinite Unepic points - Will set Unepic points to 1000 so you can buy all you want from Gualix Shop
    • Infinite Pet Energy - Will set the energy of the pet to 100% and freeze it there
    • Infinite Pet Health - Same as Infinite Health only for the pet Also toggle this off if you want to switch pets (it makes weird bugs if you leave it on)
  • Stats: (Those are all changable)
    • Gold
    • EXP
    • Attribute Points
    • Pet Max Health
    • Pet Health
    • Pet Energy
  • Attributes: (I suggest going to xor.pw to calc the value you want to set it should be number in decimal XOR 0x44)
    • Daggers
    • Swords
    • Maces
    • Axes
    • Polearms
    • Bows
    • Staves
    • Wands
    • Constitution
    • Poitions
    • Armor
    • Robes
    • Fire
    • Frost
    • Arcane
    • Light
    • Protection
    • Healing
    • Alteration
    • Mental

Unepic Cracked

UnEpic Crackadded a bit more scripts to the table like: super attack speed, super armor, super attack damage and Infinite effect duration.
I also added KP (kill points) to the table if anyone wants to edit it (freeze it if you want infinite amount).
please not that Infinite effect duration is experimental.

Unepic Credits

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1

There once was a kind and loving king who died very suddenly, leaving his kingdom without a leader, for There was a rule in the royal charter that the prince could become king only if he married a princess. And so word was sent out to all the neighboring kingdoms and kingdoms across the sea that the prince of the Southern Kingdom was in search of a princess worthy to become his queen. Many of the kings sent their daughters to try the heart of the prince, though the princesses were not always so happy to go.

The first to arrive was the Ruby Princess. She came from a land of tigers and elephants, her hair was silken and black, her skin soft and brown. She wore dazzling rubies woven into the hem of her purple and gold sari. She was none too pleased to leave her home, and when the prince asked what she would do if she were queen, she replied that she would spend all day in the palace gardens, picking fruit and playing with the animals. She would not care to go out among the people and leave the warmth of the greenhouse. So the Ruby Princess was sent home.

The second Princess to come was the Emerald Princess, from lands much colder than those of the Ruby Princess, so the weather of the Prince’s Kingdom was much better for her. She had pale freckled skin and red flowing hair. She did not wear precious stones, but her flowing green dress was decorated with golden beads and golden threads. She carried with her an ax of silver and a knife of bronze. When the Prince asked her how she would rule as queen, she replied that she would like nothing more than to spend all her time in the forests of the kingdom, carving out the land and exploring the deep woods. She didn’t care for the lavishness of the royal court, or parties. So, the Emerald Princess was sent back to her kingdom.

The third Princess was the Sapphire Princess. She came from a land of ice and snow. On her brow was a frosty chill, her golden hair was woven with icicles, and she was dressed in the finest of furs. Around her neck and threaded into her braid were the largest sapphires of her homeland, each more shining than the last. She did not care for the warmth of the kingdom, and she, upon being asked by the prince, would have more happily spent her days playing among the ice bears and baby snow seals on the frozen tundras. So the Sapphire Princess was sent back to her icy kingdom.

With his hopes nearly dashed, the Prince accepted the arrival of the Diamond Princess. She came from warm lands, the same as the Ruby Princess, only she did not find the weather of the Prince’s Kingdom too chill for her liking, and she loved the great forests as well. Diamond Princess came clothed in a golden long, fine tunic, with lavish billowing cloth about her legs so that she could move more easily. Into the braids of her soft black hair were woven diamond stars, and she carried a great golden spear and leather shield of the strongest kind. He skin was as dark as the wood of the trees that dotted the plains of her land, and she had intricate designs in red and gold painted upon her arms and face. When the Prince asked the Diamond Princess his questions, his breath held in anticipation, she answered that she would love to spend her days hunting the forests and holding great parties all the time in honor of her hunts. The Prince, sensing that this Princess was still not the right one to be his queen, sent Diamond Princess back to her life in her kingdom.

The Prince was forlorn, for he had thus far failed to find a Princess he could call his Queen. Eventually, a very unexpected Princess arrived at the castle. She came wearing only a yellow cotton dress, her long hair in a simple braid, and she carried no golden staffs or bejeweled swords. Instead, she had a basket filled to the brim with bread and eggs from her family farm. The Prince was puzzled to see this Princess in his palace. She looked unlike any Princess he had ever seen. He asked her what sort of land she came from, and where all her fine clothes were. She answered,” I come from a land just neighboring your kingdom, a very small kingdom indeed, but my father is a real king and I am a real Princess. They call me the Straw Princess. I spend my days talking with and working among my subjects. At the end of the day, we gather in the great hall for a feast we have all provided and I enjoy nothing more than to be there for my subjects, and love them as they love me.” The Prince looked at her again, her plain clothes, and her plain face, and he knew in a moment that this would be the perfect Queen for his people. So the Straw Princess became the Queen of the Southern Kingdom, and their two kingdoms united in prosperity and happiness.

The End