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This is a 4 part reference guide to getting started with Vagrant, VVV and WordPress.
This is Part 1 – Vagrant – Getting Started on macOS

Vagrant and WordPress Local Development

VaganteImages is a tool, made by SO4, that helps its users change and extract Vagante sprites.

Vagante - Roguelike platformer + Co-Op&MultiplayerPC MAC LINUX Giveaway!! Buy Forum Stuff; Something Awful; Search Purchase: Account - Platinum Upgrade - New Avatar - Other's Avatar - Archives - No-Ads - New Username - Banner Advertisement - Smilie - Stick Thread. Vagante is an action-packed platformer that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels. Play cooperatively with friends or adventure solo in this challenging roguelike-inspired game. Toggle full summary. On iOS, Jaguar, DOS, Mac, Sega32, SNES, SFAM.

Vagrant is a bit of an odd name for a software app but kind of follows along the trend of naming like Git.It has been around for over 12 months and is an open source project. It essentially builds virtual images from references (boxes) of a type of operating system with applications and dependent software, this can be referenced in a template file that is given to users on a group project to ensure that their development environment is the same as everybody elses as it is using the same virtual image. Sort of like making sure everyone is singing from the same hymn book.

It is also great for checking a development that is built on a different environment to which it is being deployed, so you can set up the target environment in a virtual instance to test.

Installing Vagrant

Download the latest installer, for macOS there is a point and click .dmg installer.

Expand the .dmg and install the Vagrant.pkg package file. The binary gets installed in the Applications folder with a link to the /usr/bin so it is added to the shell path.

Vagante for mac os

The user data for Vagrant is filed in the directory from which vagrant was used and is stored in an invisible directory named .vagrant.d

Upgrading Vagrant on macOS

You can check the version of vagrant you have by typing:

If you want to upgrade to a later version just download the latest installer and drag and drop the uninstall.tool onto an open Terminal window and follow the process, then install the Vagrant.pkg file or simply just install the new version over the top of the older one e.g 1.9.4 -> 2.0.0

Using a Virtual Machine

Along with Vagrant you need to use a VM solution to store the image or box, some solutions include VMWare and AWS but Virtual Box is a free and popular solution. This needs to be downloaded and installed on your local machine.

If you are just interested in Vagrant, VVV and WordPress then move onto the next part – from here it goes through just more on vagrant and using it with a VM and a box not WordPress or VVV related.

Creating a Vagrant Template File

Change directory to where you want to store the Vagrant project and run

This will place a set up file named Vagrantfile in that top level. After the Vagrantfile has been created the next step is to pull the image or box that will be used.

Vagrant Boxes

You can see a bunch of Vagrant boxes on the Vagrant Cloud website that you can download and use.

To add a box using one of the examples:

This will download the Centos 6.5 box to the current directory, if asked select the relevant VM solution such as Virtual Box. The original box is always left intact and can be used across multiple projects, the Vagrant image built is based from the box.

Configure Vagrant to use the Box

After the box has downloaded we need to tell Vagrant which box to use in the current project, this is done in the Vagrantfile created earlier, using you preferred Terminal editor:

Find and change

To the box name, so in this example:

Vagante For Macbook Pro

Boot the Box – Vagrant Up

Vagante For Macbook

The next step is to boot the box up which is done with the most popular vagrant command:

Which will run through a series of start up steps

Connect to the Vagrant Box

To actually connect to the box use ssh and you will be in the home of the VM box

You can also verify its running in Virtual Box


Whilst in your Vagrant box your starting directory point is /home/vagrant – it is the vagrant directory at the root /vagrant which shares the same content as your initial project directory. This is a key thing, it essentially mirrors the 2 directories so the content in your project folder will also be in the /vagrant directory on the Vagrant Box.

Installing Apache Web Server

Create a bootup script that will upgrade the OS and install Apache when the Vagrant box is booted up, so still in your initial project directory on macOS or in /vagrant on the Vagrant Box. You need to create a script and also edit the VagrantFile to include the script, if you use the Vagrant Box to edit the file you’ll need to use vi or nano , but install it first.

The bootstrap script also changes the webroot directory to be our project directory named /vagrant in our remote vagrant box instance, and also starts the webserver.

And add the content:

Then include this file in the Vagrantfile

Then reload the Vagrant Box by issuing, if you are in the box you need to exit :

Set up Port Forwarding

To use our local browser to see files served from our remote vagrant box you need to forward a port, open the VagrantFile again and search for and uncomment the line below

Then refresh the vagrantbox

Now we can access the remote Vagrant Box via the local browser by going to –

If you are using the Port 8080 for another AMP stack like MAMP use another port number.

When you vagrant ssh back to your box and move into the /vagrant directory this will be your webroot structure, web serving files in the /vagrant directory

Sharing Your Vagrant Box

Now that the development environment is up and running, well al least with Apache, you can share that local/remote Vagrant Box with others outside of your network. You need to create a free account at the Vagrant Cloud. Then login at the Terminal

Use your accounts login, then run:

And you will be given a URL which others can see, like so…

Keep the Terminal screen session active to keep the sharing going, when done enter ‘Control’ + ‘c’ to end the session, you can get another session by repeating the process.

Stopping The Vagrant Box

Couple of ways of finishing up with the Vagrant Box you can either suspend it to use again at the same point for later, halt it – which powers it down or you can destroy it which removes it completely:

To suspend the box use

To halt use

To completely remove and delete the Vagrant box (which does not include the original downloaded image) run:

Starting the Vagrant Box

Vagante For Macbook Air

Vagante MacOSX Free Download

Vagante Mac Game is an action platform that represents constant death and procedurally generated levels. Play with friends, both locally and online, or take your own risks in this exciting rogue like-style game.

Vagante for Mac is an adventure in a dark fantasy world full of monsters, demons and scammers. Despite these dangers, adventurers usually travel to these unforgivable lands in search of glory, wealth, and power. According to a recent news report, in some cave on the edge of the forest is an incomprehensible treasure. Although a handful of fearless adventurers had already entered the cave, no one returned. Not afraid of the potential danger, you go to the trailer to investigate.

Key Features:

  • Local and online co-op – Adventure in collaboration with four players, locally or online via Steam!
  • Procedural generation – with procedurally generated levels there are no two identical hits, which gives countless hours of play.
  • Choose how to play: choose a unique class, skins and background, and then customize your character as you play, with a choice of unique class skills for each level.
  • Enchanted objects: Unlock magical objects that give powerful spells and abilities that change the game.
  • Uncover Secrets – Keep an eye out for classes, backgrounds, music, and more in the Book of Secrets.
  • Explore the rich world: explore five unique areas, each with its own set of dangers such as monsters, unique bosses and traps.
  • Difficult but True – Play a game designed for players looking for a challenging but rewarding experience.

GamePlay ScreenShots:

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements

Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this game

  • Processor: Intel i3-4005U @ 1.7 Ghz
  • Graphics: GeForce 9400M
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

Vagante For Mac Os

Installation Instructions:

If you do not know how to install the game on your mac, CLICK HERE NOW.

Vagante MAC Game Free Download

File Size: 112 MB

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Vagante For Mac

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