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Yes, Your Grace. Looking for similar items What is similar to Yes, Your Grace? $19.99 The tags customers have most frequently applied to Yes, Your Grace have also. Yes, Your Grace is a game by Brave at Night set in a fictional medieval kingdom, of which you’re its ruler, King Eryk. Core gameplay revolves around decision making and management, with an added.

Yes, Your Grace is a charming kingdom simulation game set in the fictional kingdom of Davern. You are the king of one of the cities and as king you are required to listen and react to petitions from your subjects. These may include petitions from anyone, from the lowliest peasant to the most noble knight. Apart from satisfying the whims of your subjects, you also have to prepare for various wars by building armies and hoarding supplies. A fundamental cog in your kingdom management machine is your agents. In this article we discuss how to get agents in Yes, Your Grace, and we also discuss the role and function of each agent.

Yes, Your Grace, how to get agents?

The more important of the two issues at hand in this article is probably how to get the agents in Yes, Your Grace. The simple answer to “how to get agents?” is play the game and progress the story. This answer is decidedly a bit anticlimactic but there is no way that you can recruit agents in Yes, Your Grace apart from simply playing the game.

You would not be wrong for thinking that there is a way to recruit agents as the game makes it sound like you can. During my initial playthrough I scoured the menus for an option to buy more agents, but I could not find any. This initially led to frustration, but after a few hours of play everything became clear.

How to get agent – the General

You gain access to your first agent very early in the game. Stan, or better known as “General” is at your side from only a few weeks into the game. So there really is nothing to block you from gaining access to this agent.

The other two agents are linked to narrative events surrounding your youngest daughter, Cedani. Spoiling none of the narrative elements, Cedani is a pet-lover and recruits many different pets as her “agents”. Two of these pets are linked to getting new agents.

How to get agent – the Witch

The first is her hedgehog pet. Once you reach the part of the narrative where Cedani has the hedgehog, you are close to unlocking the Witch as a new agent in your service. There is no way to rush this so just keep your eyes open for the appearance of the hedgehog.

How the get agent – the Hunter

Yes, Your Grace For Mac

The second pet that indicates an imminent new agent is the fox. The fox is introduced quite a few weeks after the hedgehog, but before the first big battle. As soon as Cedani recruits the fox, you can prepare to take the Hunter into your service as your third agent.

What is the role of each agent?

Now that you know how to get each of the agents in Yes, Your Grace, it’s time to discuss their use in helping you manage your kingdom. Each agent has a unique influence on how you respond to your underlings, and it is important to use them wisely. Once you order them to solve a certain issue in your kingdom, they are unavailable to use until they return. If you waste their time by sending them on trivial errands, you will probably have to solve other issues by spending a lot of coin or supplies. Managing your kingdom to victory relies heavily on how you use your agents. Just remember that they do not come for free and paying for their services can make quite a dent in your treasury.

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Agent 1 – the General

As one would imagine, the General is used to engage matters of combat, conflict and unrest. Throughout your rule, many petitioners will have issues relating to these areas. The petitioners will however not always have pure motivations and will try to manipulate you to help them. I once wasted the General to help a village where mysterious things were happening only to find out it was nothing. While this agent was away, I missed a few other important cases that might have enjoyed his help.

As with all the agents, the General can also explore the kingdom map and inspect areas of interest to benefit you. If you send the General on these quests, he will usually end up in some or other conflict netting you gold and supplies on victory. This is a very important stream of income and enables you to have resources to help your petitioners.

A last thing to mention with this agent is to unlock his upgrade to be available during battle before the first big battle. His help is much needed as an agent and as a warrior.

Agent 2 – the Witch

The Witch, known as Alena is a welcome addition to your court as she helps you manage some more delicate cases where violence is not an option. Once you are far enough in the story, the Witch appears to help you deal with magical, healing and other curative issues.

The Witch is useful in situations where she can charm different parties to get along with each other, and you will have many of these as petitions. Just as with the General, your underlings can also manipulate you to send her on missions which take weeks and results in her time being wasted.

If you send the Witch to explore areas on the kingdom map, she will usually discover and help people with more mundane tasks that relate to their everyday lives. But if you are not careful, she can be lured into ambushes and other conflict situations which she usually escapes, but the kingdom gains nothing for her efforts. Time is important in Yes, Your Grace, so you should not take this lightly.

The same as with the General, I would suggest that you upgrade the Witch to be available during battle as her skills can make a big difference in the outcome of a battle.

Agent 3 – the Hunter

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The Hunter, or Velek, is the last agent to enter your service and adds another dimension to your interactions with the petitioners. As one would imagine, the Hunter is mostly used to hunt things. Petitioners would have issues with wild animals or vermin, and the Hunter will solve the problem by killing whatever is causing the problems.

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The hunter is also good at scouting and finding things, and therefore these types of petitions will be more common once Velek is in your service. Overall, the Hunter is a useful agent and will rarely have a week of downtime unless you withhold his payment.

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As with all the other agents, it is a good idea to upgrade the Hunter to be available in battle as he gives you a tactical advantage to use when things go against you on the battlefield.

The throne awaits

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In this Yes, Your Grace how to get agents guide we have covered how and when the agents become available and given you some details on how their roles work. Now it is up to you to get back to your throne and guide your kingdom to victory! You can also read our full review of the game to glean some insight into our experience.